7 Best 13 Inch Gaming Laptop 2022 – Review and Buying Guide

Introduction While most gamers use a PC for gaming, some gamers prefer to use a gaming laptop. Even though a gaming laptop provides less performance than a standard PC, it offers a lot more portability. Modern laptops allow you to play any game with proper graphic settings and will give you enough FPS. Top 13″ … Read more

20 Best Linux Laptops 2022 – Review and Buying Guide

Linux is one of the most powerful, secure, and fast worldwide operating systems. It is open-source and readily available on the internet at free of cost, making it a step forward from the Windows operating system. High-end developers can easily customize it to meet their individual requirements, which is impossible in other operating systems. That’s … Read more

15 Best 13 inch Gaming Laptops 2022 – Review and Buying Guide

Getting a good gaming laptop can certainly get on one’s nerves since it’s a pretty big decision. There are just so many technicalities, and that can have you overwhelmed, bewildered, and indecisive big time. With the options being more than one can possibly count available in the market, you are most likely to feel troubled … Read more

Can I Run Destiny 2 on my PC and its Requirements – 2022 Guide

Can I Run Destiny 2 on My PC

I am confident; this game does not require much introduction. Being a fan of this mythic science fiction shooting genre, we all have played this game yet can’t seem to get enough. Destiny 2 was released worldwide after the successful launch of Bungie’s shooters on Xbox and PlayStation 4. And the wait was worth it. … Read more

Can I Run Battlefield 5 on my PC and its Requirements – 2022 Guide

Can I Run Battlefield 5 on my PC

A highly projected shooter game “Battlefield V” in electronic art is developed with realistic special effects. The DICE Company itself launched the features or specifications index required running this game. As we all know, the graphics and specifications of our laptop or computer determine the final display and processing of games. So, a gamer really … Read more