10 Most Expensive Gaming Mouse in 2022 (Wireless & Wired) – Reviews

With the advancement of technology, new gaming Mouse are being introduced that have more qualities than a regular mouse. With newer and improved FPS games, it is important to upgrade your PC peripherals to be the best in the game. A mouse with low input lag and adjustable sensitivity can do wonders for your gaming ability.

There is a huge variety of good gaming Mouse out there in all ergonomic styles, so there is something for everyone. If you have played competitive games for a long time, you must know that good peripherals matter a lot for impressive results. We have reviewed some of the most expensive gaming Mouse in 2022 backed by top brands to help you find the perfect match.

Our Best Pick
Razer Viper Ultimate Hyperspeed Lightweight Wireless Gaming Mouse & RGB Charging Dock: Fastest...
Best Value
SteelSeries Rival 650 Quantum Wireless Gaming Mouse - Rapid Charging Battery - 12, 000 Cpi...
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ASUS Wireless Optical Gaming Mouse for PC - ROG Gladius II | Right-hand Grip | 12000 DPI Optical...
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Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED Gaming Mouse with POWERPLAY Wireless Charging Compatibility
Razer Viper Ultimate Hyperspeed Lightweight Wireless Gaming Mouse & RGB Charging Dock: Fastest...
SteelSeries Rival 650 Quantum Wireless Gaming Mouse - Rapid Charging Battery - 12, 000 Cpi...
ASUS Wireless Optical Gaming Mouse for PC - ROG Gladius II | Right-hand Grip | 12000 DPI Optical...
Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED Gaming Mouse with POWERPLAY Wireless Charging Compatibility
Our Best Pick
Razer Viper Ultimate Hyperspeed Lightweight Wireless Gaming Mouse & RGB Charging Dock: Fastest...
Razer Viper Ultimate Hyperspeed Lightweight Wireless Gaming Mouse & RGB Charging Dock: Fastest...
Best Value
SteelSeries Rival 650 Quantum Wireless Gaming Mouse - Rapid Charging Battery - 12, 000 Cpi...
SteelSeries Rival 650 Quantum Wireless Gaming Mouse - Rapid Charging Battery - 12, 000 Cpi...
Don't Miss
ASUS Wireless Optical Gaming Mouse for PC - ROG Gladius II | Right-hand Grip | 12000 DPI Optical...
ASUS Wireless Optical Gaming Mouse for PC - ROG Gladius II | Right-hand Grip | 12000 DPI Optical...
Also Consider
Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED Gaming Mouse with POWERPLAY Wireless Charging Compatibility
Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED Gaming Mouse with POWERPLAY Wireless Charging Compatibility

1. Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED

Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED

The Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED is a wireless gaming mouse, but it works even better than wired mice due to its exceptional build and accurate tracking. This mouse has everything you need in a perfect gaming mouse, whether design, comfort, precision, or customizable buttons. It is a large mouse with sturdy plastic components and stylish aesthetics that looks stunning.

Despite having a solid build, it is quite light and weighs only 110g. This allows you to achieve quick movements. With 11 programmable buttons, you can map them to achieve unique functions in the game. You can program buttons, view battery settings, and change the RGB lighting using the Logitech software, which offers a simple interface for smooth and efficient use.

Competitive gaming requires fast action to come out victorious every single time, and with the G903, you can easily achieve that. The G903 has a quick response time, which is well appreciated by users. Once fully charged, the battery of the mouse can last for 24 hours. Furthermore, you can easily switch between the wired and wireless modes by using the USB cable that comes with it.

Moreover, you can also add the extra 10g weight that comes in the package. It is ideal for those people who are used to the heavyweight of the mouse. The PMW3366 optical sensor provides fast-tracking in all games, whether it is Pubg or other fps games. The big price tag on this mouse is justified as it provides exceptional gaming performance making it one of the most expensive gaming mice in 2022.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Precise and accurate tracking
  • Weight customization
  • Several programmable buttons
  • Sturdy build quality


  • Too light for some

An amazing thing about this mouse is that you can take out the buttons on either side. This gives you the freedom to use the mouse as both left-handed or right-handed. The Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED is well constructed, suitable for all grips, and provides many customizable features making it worth considering.

2. Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum

The Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum is a high-performance gaming mouse that is designed for right-handed gamers. It has a comfortable design, an amazing sensor, and a high maximum dpi, making it an all-rounder. The smooth construction of the mouse makes it suitable for all grips. It has a thumb rest on the right side, which makes it comfortable to use the mouse for long hours.

Moreover, the textured rubber on the sides prevents finger fatigue and is quite useful for playing comfortably. The software that comes with it allows you to generate gaming profiles, so you don’t have to set it up every time. Furthermore, you can tune the mouse for use on different surfaces for accurate tracking.

This mouse has a variety of buttons that enhance its functionality. The first button below the scroll wheel offers a hyper-fast scrolling feature. If you have long documents to scroll through, you can use this button and save time. Since this is a wired mouse, it has a quick response time with low input lag. It won’t make you wait when quick action is needed in the game.

The G502 is a heavy mouse weighing 121g, which allows for more control over movements. Moreover, you can customize the overall weight by opening up the back panel and placing the weights. The 3.6g weights come in the package, so you don’t have to buy them separately.


  • Extra weighs
  • Easy dpi change
  • Offers profiles
  • Comfortable design
  • Fast scrolling


  • Not for left-handers

The maximum mouse sensitivity offered by the G502 is 12,000dpi, and you can easily switch between the dpi levels by using the buttons below the left click button. You can easily reach the dpi buttons using the right thumb. The Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum checks all the boxes for being a versatile gaming mouse that offers various customization options. Therefore, you should check it out.

3. Swiftpoint Z

Swiftpoint Z

The Swiftpoint Z Gaming Mouse has stunning looks and superb packaging, which says a lot about its premium design and build quality. It has a total of 13 programmable buttons so that you can use it to its full potential. The sturdy components of the mouse make it durable, and it won’t break under physical pressure.

When you open the solid case, you will see the mouse placed on one side and the rest of the accessories on the other side. The important thing to note here is the flight stick extender and the adjustable base. With the extender, you can use the mouse as a joystick. All the buttons on this mouse are carefully placed to provide maximum comfort.

The five main buttons on this mouse are pressure-sensitive, which means that you can activate them for performing the desired action by applying a small force. It has a weight of 117g, which is a balanced weight. It is neither too light nor too heavy, offering balanced control over its movements.
The PixArt PMW3360 optical sensor of the mouse is one of the best in the game and offers quick responsiveness and accurate tracking. The Swiftpoint Z provides onboard memory that can be used to create several profiles for different games. With this feature, you can save the dpi values and button customization for specific games.


  • Pressure-sensitive buttons
  • Unique design
  • Offers joystick fictionality
  • Many customizable buttons
  • Onboard memory


  • Takes getting used to

The best thing about this mouse is that it allows for so many movements. You can tilt it sideways, roll and pivot it to achieve all the different mouse actions. With the help of the mouse software, you can customize all the buttons and the features. It has an intuitive interface for quick learning. Swiftpoint Z is a modern gaming mouse that has amazing and unique features.

4. ASUS ROG Gladius II


The ASUS ROG Gladius II is a wireless gaming mouse that has a simple and attractive design. It offers RGB lighting both on the logo and the mouse underside, which glows quite nicely. The ergonomic shape of the mouse allows for a comfortable grip for long gaming sessions. It feels quite nice and smooth in hand.

The textured rubber on the sides of the Gladius II prevents finger fatigue. It has a limited number of buttons, but these are enough to provide a good gaming performance. Too many buttons can make it difficult to get used to the mouse. Therefore, it is ideal for people who want a simple mouse that provides accurate tracking.

The noticeable thing about the mouse is that it comes with extra switches. You can replace the switches with newer ones by removing the panel on the underside. This is a great feature for prolonging the lifespan of the mouse. Below the scroll wheel, a dpi button is located for changing the dpi level on the go.

The mouse sensor is highly efficient and provides smooth tracking. It is fast and has very little lag making it ideal for FPS games. The RGB lighting of the mouse can be customized using the Armoury software, which is simple and straightforward to use. You can also create several profiles for the mouse.


  • Supports all three grips
  • Quick tracking
  • Attracting RGB lighting
  • Offers switch replacement


  • Limited buttons customization

The dpi range of the Gladius II is 100 to 12,000 for providing quick responsiveness. The raised design of this peripheral allows you to try palm, claw, and fingertip grips. Consequently, you can experiment with all grips in a single mouse. The ASUS ROG Gladius II has an ergonomic design, supports several grips, and provides fast-tracking. So do check it out.


5. Razer Viper Ultimate Hyperspeed

Razer Viper Ultimate Hyperspeed

The Razer Viper Ultimate Hyperspeed is an impressive gaming mouse with high tracking speed aimed at giving the best performance. It offers buttons on both sides, so both left and right-handed gamers can use it. It has a sturdy build and is made of durable plastic. The medium size of the mouse makes it suitable for small and large hands.

The mouse feels lightweight, so you can smoothly move it around the desk. It provides RGB lighting in one zone, and that is the razer logo. You can find this mouse in both wired and wireless designs. The wireless mouse has almost zero latency, so either one you pick is completely based on your preference.

Razer has included a charging dock with this mouse, and once fully charged, it can give you a battery life of 70 hours. So you can use it for several days for gaming. This mouse can be tracked on various surfaces and works smoothly on a roughed old mouse pad. The accurate tracking ability of the sensor makes it perfect for fast-paced gaming.

The changing color of the mouse’s RGB light indicates its remaining battery life, which is quite useful. You can save five profiles in the onboard memory of the mouse. Moreover, you can customize the 8 buttons using the Synapse software. Weighing only 74g, you can expect quick and controlled movements from this mouse.


  • Lightweight
  • Offers form grip
  • Useful charging dock
  • Smooth tracking


  • For small/medium hands only

The textured rubber on the sides of the mouse allows for a firm grip and helps avoid slippage of fingers. So you can be fully focused on the game with no distractions. The Razer Viper Ultimate Hyperspeed is a brilliant gaming mouse with low latency, wireless charging, and superb battery life. With the impressive build quality and quick tracking, you can beat the pros in the game.

6. Logitech G602

Logitech G602

The Logitech G602 is another wireless mouse by Logitech that is thoroughly constructed and offers low lag. This is a palm grip mouse with a large thumb rest for added comfort. It has a natural design best suited for right-handers. There are several buttons on the thumb area for providing increased macro functionality.

The two buttons next to the left click button can be used for changing the dpi on the go. These are long and placed within easy reach of your index finger. It has three lights that indicate the dpi level you are currently on. In this way, you can easily switch between the dpi levels without opening up the software.

The DPI range of the G602 is 200 to 2500; the maximum dpi is less than what you normally see in gaming mice, but pro players rely on dpi above 400. It has the potential for providing quick responsiveness for multiplayer battle games. You can connect the mouse to a PC using the 2.4 GHz USB receiver. It provides a reliable and lag-free connection for smooth and fast gaming.

The mouse requires two AA batteries that can last for several days and offers a total battery life of 250 hours. With such a good battery time, you won’t have to worry about charging it. With 11 reprogrammable buttons, you can use all the macro actions and play a variety of games. The large dimensions of the mouse make it suitable for large and medium hands.


  • Lag-free sensor technology
  • Simple and elegant
  • Dpi indicator light
  • Comfortable design


  • Limited dpi range

The Logitech G602 uses outstanding sensor technology that provides latency-free performance. The biggest concern in wireless mice is the input lag, and this mouse resolves this issue spectacularly. So if you want smooth and interruption-free tracking, then do consider getting this gaming mouse.

7. SteelSeries Rival 650 Quantum

SteelSeries Rival 650 Quantum

The SteelSeries Rival 650 Quantum is a wireless gaming mouse with a bulky design, weight customization, and low latency. This has large dimensions and a sturdy build making it highly durable. The RGB lighting is placed in three zones; the logo, scroll wheel, and the bars on the sides. It is quite suitable for large hands.

The two side panels are removable and offer 8 weights of the same amount for adjusting the overall weight. The mouse feels heavy at first, but you can take advantage of the removable sides for weight customization. The plastic used on this mouse is durable, and the mouse fits accurately in hand.

The Rival 650 offers fast charging, and with just 15 minutes of charge, the battery can last for 10 hours. This makes it quite efficient, and you don’t have to wait for it to fully charge for going back to gaming. On a full charge, the battery can last for several days, making it quite efficient. The buttons on the left side above the thumb grip can be remapped for macros.


  • Fast charging
  • Removable sides
  • Weight customization
  • Quick tracking
  • Durable build


  • Heavy

You can use the SteelSeries Engine 3 software for changing the RGB lighting or the button remapping. It has a simple interface and offers easy navigation, unlike the complex mouse software. The SteelSeries Rival 650 Quantum gaming mouse offers fast charging, weight adjustments, and amazing sensors for optimal performance, making it worth considering.

8. Corsair Glaive PRO

Corsair Glaive PRO

The Corsair Glaive PRO has a durable build, unique design, and several thumb grips for providing a comfortable fit. Corsair has reduced the width of the mouse for achieving an easy palm grip. The durable construction of the mouse makes it bulky, ideal for people who are used to heavier gaming mice.

The unique thing about this mouse is the three different thumb grips. It allows you to choose the preferred grip for using the mouse comfortably. All these grips have a textured rubber that makes the grips non-slippery and provides a snug fit. Each panel can be easily removed and snapped on the side. The scroll wheel on this mouse is tactile and offers controlled and smooth scrolling.

The maximum sensitivity of the Glaive PRO is 18,000dpi, and the selected dpi level is indicated by the LED lights on the palm area. It is a useful way to indicate the current dpi so you can change it easily. The onboard memory of the mouse allows you to set up three profiles for macros and dpi values for specific games.

You can save these profiles and experiment with the RGB lighting using the iCUE software. All the RGB zones produce a soft lighting glow that looks stunning and adds more to your gaming desk setup. With the PixArt PMW3391 sensor, you can expect quick responsiveness and fast-tracking. Moreover, the low latency of the mouse makes it ideal for FPS games.


  • Several rubberized thumb grips
  • Comfortable design
  • High dpi level
  • Onboard memory for profiles


  • Slightly bulky

All the components are well made, and there is no wobble to the buttons. The braided wire of the mouse is 6 feet long, so you can easily move the mouse on the desk. The Corsair Glaive PRO has a premium build, several grips for comfortable playing, and high mouse sensitivity, making it highly suitable for FPS gaming. Therefore, it is worth checking out.

9. Acer Predator Cestus 350

Acer Predator Cestus 350

The Acer Predator Cestus 350 has 8 programmable buttons, a simple design, and a quality sensor that won’t let you miss any shots in the game. In terms of looks, it is simple and elegant with a glossy black paint finish. The RGB lighting is provided on the logo and the battery/ dpi indication lights. Overall, it feels smooth and comfortable in hand, and you can use it for long hours.

You can use it as both a wireless or wired mouse as it comes with a detachable cable and a USB receiver. The response time in both wired and wireless modes is excellent. You can expect no lag from this mouse. It uses textured rubber on both sides, so your fingers are resting in a comfortable position.

For the sensor, Acer has used the PixArt PAW3335 that offers low latency and accurate tracking. It provides 5 dpi levels, and you can switch between them by using the dpi switch below the scroll wheel. You can also create 5 different profiles for saving the button remapping and the dpi levels for different games using the mouse’s onboard memory.

There are three buttons above the thumb rest that can be reprogrammed using the software. These large buttons are easy to reach using the thumb. The matte finish of the mouse makes it non-slippery and does not cause fatigue. Moreover, it feels sturdy enough to provide controlled movements.


  • Good battery life
  • Powerful sensor
  • Simple and elegant design
  • Offers 5 profiles


  • Not ambidextrous

The best thing about the Cestus 350 is its long battery life. On a single charge, it can last for more than 50 hours, giving you playing time of several days. It provides a USB C port at the front so you can plug it in without interrupting the game. The Acer Predator Cestus 350 is a simple mouse with amazing features ideal for gamers who want a simple and high-performance mouse.

10. Alienware AW610M

Alienware AW610M

The Alienware AW610M is another excellent gaming mouse that has a unique shape and a decent sensor. The ambidextrous design of the mouse makes it suitable for both left and right-handed gamers. The extended palm area and the wings on the sides make it suitable for all hands, whether big or small.

It provides RGB lighting in several zones; the alien logo, the bar above the scroll wheel, and the sides. The bottom palm area is made of soft rubber so your palm can rest comfortably. The wireless connection of the mouse has low latency, and you can easily connect it to a PC or a laptop using the USB receiver.

It has a weight of 121g, which is on the heavy side. So for people looking for more control and a heavy mouse, the AW610M is the right one for you. The two buttons above the thumb rest are large enough to provide comfortable and easy access.

The sensor on this mouse is quite powerful and offers a maximum sensitivity of 16,000dpi. It works smoothly on a number of different surfaces. You can enjoy playing FPS games using this mouse with no lag. The two side buttons, along with the scroll wheel, are programmable using the Alienware software.


  • Ideal for large hands
  • Fast-tracking
  • Good battery life
  • Unique design


  • Large and heavy

On a full charge, the lithium-ion battery of AW610M can last for 350 hours, providing you several days of playtime. On the underside of the 610, there is a small slot for keeping the USB dongle. In this way, the dongle won’t be misplaced; this is a useful feature found to be lacking in most gaming mice. The Alienware AW610M has a different design, strong sensor, and useful features making it worth considering.

Things to Look For in Expensive Gaming Mice

You can find all sorts of gaming mice on the market in different price ranges and with many features. However, if you want a mouse with the long-lasting build quality, superior comfort, and extra features that making gaming more enjoyable, then it is better to spend some more on it.

Gaming mice differ in build quality, ease of use, and the number of programmable buttons they provide for macro functionality. There are so many brands that manufacture gaming mice and are always coming up with newer versions to improve the faults in the previous ones. This makes it a bit difficult to find the right one, but we have explained certain aspects of gaming mice to better understand the things you should pay attention to.

Wired Vs. Wireless

This is an important and old debate with both types having its strengths and weaknesses. A wired mouse provides low latency and reliable connection. It is also quick to set up. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about charging the mouse or replacing the batteries.

In contrast, a wireless mouse provides amazing ease of use. You can move it around the desk quite easily without the wire getting in its way. A wireless mouse has very little lag, which is almost negligible with improved sensors.

These days wireless gaming mice have become quite popular as they provide the same performance as a wired gaming mouse with better access and ease of use. With low input lag, these mice perform even better than wired mice and provide useful features. You can find amazing peripherals in both categories; it mostly depends on personal preference.

Design and Comfort

A mouse that uses sturdy components made of quality plastic will last you a long time and provide the right comfort level. Some brands provide over the top designs with uncomfortable button placement that can lead to inefficient use. So always go for simple gaming mice that offer good build quality.

The shape and the build of a gaming mouse determine its comfortability and ease of use when playing games for an extended period of time. Gaming enthusiasts play games for long hours, and therefore, it is essential to have a comfortable mouse. Your hand will be resting on the mouse most of the time, so if it has an extremely irregular shape, you will be won’t able to easily access the extra buttons.

Therefore, when looking for a mouse, ensure that it has silicon pads located on the slides so your fingers and thumb can rest comfortably without causing fatigue. It is also necessary to have the right size so you can move it around smoothly.


The mouse performance is determined by how quickly your movements translate into actions on the screen. FPS games require you to be focused so you can perform quick action on the screen. And for that, you need a gaming mouse that has a fast-tracking speed and a high mouse sensitivity.

Professional gamers always try to go for a high maximum dpi for quick action. Expensive gaming mice usually have a 16,000 maximum dpi providing several dpi levels, and it can be changed on the go. You can also save dpi levels, colors for RGB lighting and create profiles in the mouse’s onboard memory for different games.


Gaming mice vary a lot in terms of weight. A lightweight mouse can be moved quickly over the mouse pad, whereas a heavy mouse provides controlled movements. So, it mostly depends on the user, whether they want precision or quick movements. However, there are so many new gaming mice that offer weight customization.

They come with extra weights that can be added or removed on either the side or the back panels. It gives you the opportunity to adjust the weight according to your liking. This is a useful feature because if you are not sure about the weight, you can always adjust it later.

Other than that, if you prefer quick speed, then go for a lightweight mouse. A mouse with a weight of less than 100g is considered to be a lightweight mouse. Heavy gaming mice can weigh more than 120g.

Button Remapping

Modern gaming mice have as many as 13 programmable buttons. The reason for so many buttons is to offer macro functionality. You can remap each of the buttons to specific actions in the game for better performance. These mice come with gaming software with which you can customize the buttons, change the color of the RGB zones, and create profiles.

Some gaming softwares are quite difficult to navigate, and oftentimes, you cannot use the software on a different operating system. So make sure that the software is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. It can be disappointing to find out that the software does not work on one of these OS. If that happens then, you won’t be able to customize the settings of the mouse.

Useful Features

  • Some gaming mice have LED lights that indicate the dpi level of the mouse or the remaining battery life. This makes it easy to use the mouse, and you don’t need to open the software to check these details.
  • All wireless gaming mice should have a slot on the back panel for putting the USB dongle. Since this is a very small component, it can be easily misplaced. So it is better to have a slot for it on the mouse.
  • The textured rubber grips on the sides of the mouse play a huge role in preventing fatigue. So go for a mouse that has such grips on the sides.
  • Another useful feature is the dpi switch button, with which you can quickly change the speed of the mouse sensitivity.

Wrap Up

A good gaming mouse can have a major effect on your performance in FPS gaming. Gaming equipment does matter if you want quick action and want to be victorious in games. With a large number of gaming mice, it can be a bit difficult to choose one. But if you stick to the basics, such as comfort, durability, and sensor performance, then you can definitely find yourself the perfect match. Some of our favourite picks amongst the most expensive gaming mice in 2022 are given below.

  • Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED is at the top of the list due to its sturdy build and fast-tracking.
  • Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum is another amazing mouse that offers weight customization, among other things.
  • Swiftpoint Z Gaming Mouse is outstanding for providing a wide range of programmable buttons and a unique design.

All the mice reviewed here are backed by trusted and well-reputed brands. Therefore, you should definitely check them out. That is all for the 2022’s most expensive gaming mice, and we hope you found it helpful.

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