10 Lightest Gaming Mice in 2021 (Wired or Wireless) – Review and Buyers’ Guide

by Amelia Grace | Last Updated: January 1, 2021

Are you searching for the lightest gaming mouse for a heavy-duty gaming experience? Are you considering an alternative that can offer you convenient yet efficient potential? It is significant for a gaming freak to have an outstanding tool to ease your long hour’s gaming schedules and offer a pleasant experience overall. Well, the lightest gaming mice are here to solve all your problems.

With the improved sensitivity and the enhanced accuracy and precision with the higher DPI range, these lightest gaming devices are ideal for usual long hours. Also, having a weight of fewer than 85 grams and the premium buildup quality, these are your companions in the long durability and higher portability. In this article, a list of ten lightest gaming mice of 2021 is presented with a comprehensive buying guide.

1. Logitech G Pro

Lightest Gaming Mouse

Logitech G Pro – Lightest Gaming Mouse
Weight – 2.88 ounces

This Logitech G Pro is an excellent choice with the compact size and lightweight that is an ideal feature of the lightest gaming mouse. It weighs 81 grams that you will find even more striking and the best potential for the size. Moreover, impaired with this, it is brilliant with its highly efficient sensors that are optical and comes with RGB light that is a highlight of this model. Similarly, it has a perfect and improved battery life and high efficiency. Hence, with light, it works for 49 hours and 63 hours without RGB light. It also has the best potential when it comes to heavy-duty gaming support and key recognition with perfect tracking ability.

Talking about the buttons with two keys on each side and eight different programmable keys for recognition and gaming experience. With the average DPI range and the better sensitivity, it has immense potential in this field. Hence, it can assist you in the long gaming experience with absolute experience impaired with professional usage.


  • Convenient usage
  • Brilliant sensor
  • Best programmable keys
  • Long battery life
  • High durability


  • Too small for some
  • Expensive than usual

Finally, if you are looking for an excellent and practical option for heavy-duty gaming and long-lasting durability, this Logitech G Pro is an excellent choice for you. It offers high versatility with brilliant optical sensors, high battery life, durability, and an enhanced DPI range. Moreover, the portable design of this 80 grams mouse is a definite attraction for users, making it one of the lightest mice of 2021.

2. G-Wolves Hati HTM Stardust

Lightest Mouse

G-Wolves Hati HTM Stardust – Lightest Mouse
Weight – 2.15 ounces

A practical option for many, this G-Wolves Hati is an ideal choice with 2.15 ounces weight that doesn’t even feel like something and provides immense talent. Despite being the compact size and ultra-lightweight, it offers high durability with high buildup construction. Hence, with its high durability, it is considered among the most professional and lightest mice in 2021. Similarly, it comes with brilliant efficiency with outstanding features. It has one of the best DPI ranges with the best detecting system having Pixart 3389 sensors (highly efficient) and no RGB light. The LED light, however, is perfect for a color cycle, optimization, and brilliant color combinations. Also, the sensitivity and the potential is unmatched with outstanding features.

Maintaining the best potential and the perfect design, it has one of the best price ranges with a pocket-friendly approach. Also, it comes with programmable keys that help in key recognition and overall efficiency. Thus, in this available range, it is what the user desires with the design and efficiency.


  • Brilliant sensor
  • Brilliant DPI range
  • Excellent buildup quality
  • Pocket friendly
  • Brilliant sensor


  • No RGB light
  • Comes with a cord

In the end, if you are looking for an outstanding choice with a lightweight, compact size and high buildup quality, this G-Wolves Hati HTM is ideal for you. It offers high efficiency in addition to all these excellent characteristics including the DPI range, LED light options, and the sensitivity of the mouse. Also, the higher potential of the sensor adds value to the product.

3. Logitech G300s

Light Gaming Mouse

Logitech G300s – Light Gaming Mouse
Weight – 2.88 ounces

This Logitech G300 comes with excellent compact size and a 2.8 ounces weight that makes it a practical and well-suited choice for the people who desire the lightest mouse. Also, the design is excellent, with a brilliant and trendy look that has immense potential. The buildup quality is unmatched with premium construction and offers high durability. Moreover, it has brilliant potential with eight different light settings and three lightning effects when it comes to performance. It also comes with a decent DPI index to sensitivity ratio that makes it incredibly striking as a buying option. Also, it has one of the best optical sensors that are highly efficient and perfect key recognition.

Also, it comes with six buttons and two keys that are efficient for a high gaming experience, even for heavy games. These keys are efficient for tracking and overall fast speed; however, they can be a problem for some who are not up to date with the fast clicking and high efficiency. Hence, for beginners, it can be a little overwhelming.


  • Brilliant sensors
  • Highly efficient
  • Convenient usage
  • Clever design
  • Customizable control options


  • Comes with a long cord
  • Too small to handle

Finally, it comes with an efficient sensor and a decent DPI range that works brilliantly impaired with high durability and portability. If you are searching for an excellent option in a limited price range, it is a practical option for you. Also, it offers convenient usage with the best control options for the users that are excellent and ideal choices for you.

4. Cooler Master MM710 53G

Best Lightweight Gaming Mouse

Cooler Master MM710 53G – Best Lightweight Gaming Mouse
Weight – 1.87 ounces

The lightest gaming mouse demands a compact size and lightweight, either wired or wireless options. This Cooler Master MM710 is an excellent choice for this because of its lightweight despite a long retractable cord that offers potential in moving the mouse around. Also, the buildup construction is excellent and offers brilliant durability with long-lasting use. Similarly, when it comes to performance potential, it is one of the practical choices for you. With the PixArt sensor and the high DPI range from 4000-16000, it has immense potential for the users. Also, the sensitivity and the lightning options with the control options are highly efficient with the user convenience in using these instructions.

Thus, it offers convenient usage with brilliant features. Within a specified limited budget, it offers two matte and glossy options, from which users can easily opt for the preferential choice. The only thing Cooler Master lag in this model is its RGB light that compromises users have to make in this model. Still, the deal is better than many models in the market.


  • Brilliant construction quality
  • Higher DPI range
  • Brilliant sensors
  • Excellent durability
  • Affordable price


  • Not offers better ergonomics
  • Doesn’t have a perfect grip

Finally, if you are looking for a brilliant mouse that is lightweight and has enormous potential when it comes to decent efficiency and high durability, this Cooler Master MM710 is an ideal choice for you. It offers a brilliant sensor and a high DPI range that makes it brilliant for usage.

5. Corsair Harpoon

Best Lightweight Mouse

Corsair Harpoon – Best Lightweight Mouse
Weight – 3.52 ounces

Having the best comfortable feeling and the best lightweight option having only 99g weight, this Corsair has made its reputation throughout the market. This is the only best option with outstanding ergonomics as well as the weight and size. Hence, it comes with brilliant grip control and a palm rester that is well suited for small hands as well as fits in hand perfectly. Similarly, talking about potential, it doesn’t disappoint the user with its brilliant and extraordinary features. The DPI ranges from 250-6000 in this unique mouse with a perfect blend of sensitivity. This makes it highly efficient in accuracy and precision. Moreover, the overall sensors and buildup quality are decent with massive potential that is not common in most cases.

Moreover, it comes with a different application through which you can just adjust the keys and buttons yourself at home. It has brilliant key recognition and an outstanding tracking system impaired with efficient programmable keys. Similarly, the highlight of this mouse is the light system that has rainbow colors that can be set by the user. Also, the DPI setting can be allocated by the system with preference.


  • Affordable range
  • Brilliant grip
  • Outstanding potential
  • Brilliant ergonomics
  • Ultra-lightweight


  • Non -braided cord
  • Lightning might present issues

Finally, if you are searching for the best lightest gaming mouse, this Corsair Harpoon is an ideal choice for you. It offers ultra-lightweight and outstanding buildup quality with the best ergonomics that offers a pleasant experience. Also, the brilliant potential with the DPI range and the sensors offers an exceptional experience for the user apart from other potential factors in this corsair.

6. Razer Viper Mini

Razer Lightest Gaming Mice

Razer Viper Mini – Razer Lightest Gaming Mice
Weight – 4.9 ounces

Similar to the previous model, this Razer mini comes with an ultra-compact size shrunk with the same sleek, classic, and black design. It comes with the best lightweight and the construction quality that offers the best potential with long-lasting durability. Also, the mouse button lies just below the scrolling wheel, and the RGB logo adds to the elegant design of the mouse. In addition, the Razer mini offers convenience and the best ergonomics with immense potential. It offers the best grip design that can be fixed into small hands perfectly and offers brilliant potential. However, at the same time, the grip is not designed for the large or medium hands that can make the experience unpleasant for some users.

It comes with a 6.1 ft retractable cord that is long enough to make it portable with brilliant potential. It is more flexible, highly portable, and offers an overall enhanced experience. The mouse feet are also excellent, with the best gliding feature that makes the key recognition easier and faster.

Similarly, the performance potential of this lightest gaming mouse is enormous, with brilliant features. It comes with the best optical sensor with the brilliant performance of LED light that can be adjusted by user preference. The extraordinary DPI range to sensitivity ratio is proficient and adds character to the mouse’s overall potential.


  • Brilliant ergonomics
  • Convenient usage
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Highly durable
  • Best performance potential


  • Only designed for small hands
  • Offers a cord

In the end, if your concern lies with the brilliant working potential impaired with the durability and the ergonomics, this Razer mini is a practical choice for you. It offers brilliant performance potential with the brilliant DPI range and the optical sensor impaired with the LED light that offers the user extraordinary potential.

7. ROCCAT ROC-11-730 Kone Pure Ultra

Lightest Gaming Mice

ROCCAT ROC-11-730 Kone Pure Ultra – Lightest Gaming Mice
Weight – 2.33 ounces

First and foremost, the Roccat Kone Pure is an excellent choice because of its lightweight and the improved buildup quality that makes it one of the best among the lightest gaming mice of 2021. It comes with a brilliant scrolling experience that is fixed from the start and works with perfect accuracy and precision. Also, it has six programmable keys and two buttons on the left and right that work without any latency overall. Similarly, the performance potential is immense with the quality attributes overall. It has the perfect DPI range of 16000 and has a brilliant optical sensor that makes it worth the money and high in demand around the market. Also, the keys and LED light works with brilliant efficiency, having the best key recognition and tracking system. Hence, it can be used for heavy gaming.

Moreover, the Roccat Kone Pure has the best software that is customizable and offers brilliant potential in setting the programmable keys, adjusting the RGB light and the sensitivity according to the user preference. Impaired with these features, the RGB light offers the best color control, better optimization, and subtle presentation of the bright light. In short, it offers unmatched potential.


  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Brilliant ergonomics
  • High DPI index
  • Convenient usage
  • High durability
  • Customizable software


  • Comes with a cord
  • Not for medium to large hands

In essence, if you are looking for a high technology gaming mouse with ultra-lightweight and highly efficient durability, this Roccat Kone Pure is an ideal choice for you. It offers brilliant potential with its high DPI and customizable software that can set the preferential settings. Also, the convenient usage with a brilliant grip adds character to this elegant design.


2021 Lightweight Gaming Mouse

ENDGAME GEAR XM1 RGB – 2021 Lightweight Gaming Mouse
Weight – 2.89 ounces

Firstly, the highlight of this Endgame Gear is its design with a sleek and modern touch and excellent durability. The size and weight are just top-notch with the best potential making it highly portable and lightest overall. Moreover, the high buildup quality makes it highly durable with the spot-on scrolling and gliding feature. Hence, gliding offers a pleasant experience for users. Similarly, the performance potential of this XM1 is outstanding and offers decent features to work with. It comes with the Pixart optical sensor that offers brilliant potential impaired with the LED light that can be set according to user preference. Also, the DPI ranges from 50-16000 with the unmatched sensitivity that is considered best for heavy-duty gaming and the best efficiency.

Finally, Endgame does not disappoint us with brilliant ergonomics and offers convenient usage with this small hand model. Moreover, it is fully compatible with Windows and supports much of the Mac OS with high potential. The software is also highly efficient, with the above-average potential in adjusting the light, DPI, and scrolling. However, it might present some issues.


  • Brilliant usage
  • High durability
  • Decent compatibility
  • Brilliant DPI range
  • Affordable range


  • Lack of programmable inputs
  • For small hands

Finally, if you want the best performance potential with high portability and decent durability, this Endgame Gear XM1 is a practical choice for you. It offers brilliant compatibility and high gaming potential with a large DPI range and better sensitivity. Also, the outstanding ergonomics with the claw fixed and perfect grip adds the convenience of the user to work efficiently for longer hours.

9. Glorious Model D/D

Light Mouse

Glorious Model D/D – Light Mouse
Weight – 2.4 ounces

The Glorious Model D is an excellent ultra-lightweight mouse with a 2.4-ounce weight that is considered outstanding and categorized as the lightest gaming mouse. The design is also brilliant with the honeycomb pattern and the RGB lights on both sides with the perfect logo. The scrolling wheel and the gliding feature offers massive potential with the ideal efficiency overall. Similarly, the performance potential is extraordinary compared to other models in the market. The Glorious Model D comes with the improved Pixart optical sensors with an LED light that is considered A grade in the sensors. Moreover, the DPI ranges from 400-12000 with larger capabilities in precision and accuracy. In the end, the sensitivity ratio is excellent with the enhanced potential and adds convenient usage overall with the best potential.

In addition, it comes with six buttons and five programmable keys that offer immense skill with the perfect key recognition and brilliant tracking ability. Also, there is no apparent click latency and offers minimum voice with the click. Finally, the software offers highly customizable features from adjusting the programmable inputs to the RGB lights and lowering the DPI range for better sensitivity.


  • Brilliant durability
  • Convenient usage
  • Outstanding performance potential
  • Brilliant design
  • Better tracking ability


  • Comes with a cord
  • Lack portability

Finally, if you are looking for the best lightweight and high construction durability, this Glorious Model D is an ideal choice for you. It offers brilliant efficiency with a higher DPI range and convenient usage that is the highlight of this Model D. Also, the overall design and ergonomics impaired with brilliant features are worth the money.

10. HK Gaming Mira M

Super Light Gaming Mouse

HK Gaming Mira M – Super Light Gaming Mouse
Weight – 2.22 ounces

First and foremost, the highly aggressive and efficient heavy-duty gaming design is the highlighting feature of this HK Model having a brilliant honeycomb design. Also, the RGB light and the highly durable buildup construction yet having the ultra-lightweight design is a treat for the users. The scrolling and gliding feature is one of the best considering the tracking ability without any apparent click latency. Similarly, with its short body and compact size, it is better suited for small hands with the perfect grip. The small grip offers convenient usage with the brilliant claw design and the brilliant curving effect while using the mouse. In simple words, it is highly efficient for you if you are looking for a mouse that can offer you highly convenient and comfortable usage with brilliant performance potential.

Moreover, HK, like always, surprises the users with brilliant performance potential. Henceforth, it comes with a brilliant DPI range and higher sensitivity that assist the user in overall accuracy and precision with the absolute potential. Also, the optical LED sensor Pixart 3360 is an excellent choice if you are considering the serious implications of a heavy duty gaming experience.


  • Convenient usage
  • Brilliant performance potential
  • High durability
  • Excellent ergonomics
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • High DPI range


  • Only suitable for small hands
  • Have connectivity issues

If you are considering a highly efficient and the utmost comfortable usage in a heavy gaming mouse, the HK gaming Mira M is an ideal choice for you. It offers brilliant usage with a high DPI range and the best buildup construction that is absolutely best for the user.

What to Consider While Buying the Lightest Gaming Mouse; A Detailed and Comprehensive Guide

Gaming mice are a strong tool to get into the competition in the gaming world. These small companions assist you in the process of tracking, key recognition, basic mechanism, and the RGB light with the perfect portability. If you are not sure or certain about your needs and the demands of the games you play, you must consider this helpful guide for tracing the best choice in the market.

Travel-Friendly Options

One of the most significant features while buying the lightest gaming mouse is the travel size mouse with the best efficiency and results. Hence, most of the mice’s travel sizes are shrunk in size without a retractable wire and better connectivity options. These options are in high demand because of their sleek design and the elimination of a long cord attached to the mouse that restricts the mouse’s overall movement.

Similarly, while talking about the gaming potential, these are practical options because of a large space for movement. They are also greatest because of their adjustment in a small space or a laptop bag or can be carried in a small container on your journey. In short, it is probably one of the most practical features of a gaming mouse.

Outlook/ Appearance

Physical design or the outlook of a mouse is an insight into the quality attributes and the efficiency of a mouse. Hence, to evaluate the potential of a mouse despite its travel size can be figured out by the size, ergonomics, and grip of this mouse. To have the best potential, always consider these options before buying.

Size – Size is a foremost factor that can be an ultimate achievement while buying the lightest gaming mouse. Having a travel size or an alternate portable size mouse is the best choice for you. It offers highly efficient usage with the proper placement in a tight space.

Ergonomics Matters – Ergonomics are the determinants of the working efficiency and the potential of a gaming mouse. These are specifically designed features of the gaming mouse to relieve hand or wrist movement. Thus, with better ergonomics, the user has assistance from the mouse for long and freehand movement for a longer period of time. Most of the better options of ergonomics you will observe are specifically for the right-hand users. However, still, some companies have come up with greater innovations for the lefthanders in this field.

Grip – The grip can play a significant role in making your experience a pleasant one. Where many companies have come up with different designs and options, three major types of grips include the palm grip, claw grip, and fingertip. Thus, all these options come with a variety of movement options, each one allowing the best convenience.

Button Display

Button displays are again a significant factor in the physical appearance of the gaming mouse. Most of the button displays include a conventional two buttons of the mouse for the working. However, companies have come up with different options like multi-button display or one-button display for the more complex and heavy gaming experience.

Finally, according to your preference and outlined needs for the lightest gaming mouse, you can choose the one for you. With the practical physical features, surely, you can allocate the best potential around the market.

Why is DPI Considered?

The DPI Dots Per Inch index signifies the movement of the mouse for every inch the mouse moves. It is an excellent feature for gaming mice with some considerations. Hence, the DPI shows the index with the determination of speed that is usually faster. But ask yourself, do you need a faster mouse? Because faster is not always better.

Therefore, always look for a normal value of DPI with an average speed. Also, always consider the higher resolution that offers a direct relation with the dots per inch. In the end, always know that the large DPI can offer better reaction and speed, but the lower DPI offers precision and accuracy. According to your need, go for the one.

Sensors and Sensitivity

There are two options for the mice for gaming. Here is a quick evaluation of the merits and demerits of these two options. Sensors are the most prominent and highly significant elements of these mice. Sensors are brilliant while figuring out the best frequency, movement, and precision of the model. Also, the practicality and the overall potential of the mouse can be identified according to the needs of the user with the best working mechanism.

Laser; Works with the ideal choice of infrared light instead of the LED with a high level of accuracy. These mice come with higher sensitivity and better sensors; however, they have some considerations. These can slide over the surface and need a mouse pad for working efficiently. Mostly, the premium or heavy-duty and expensive options use the laser mouse in them. These are better options if you are up to use some more dollars and experience a heavy-duty gaming experience.

Optical; The optical mouse with an LED light is famous in contemporary models and the users because of its large frequency controller and better performance. It comes with a small sensor that constantly tracks the movement and offers a large and wide movement with the allocation of the image sensor. Hence, it translates these images in the cursor movement with high precision and accuracy. It is by far the practical choice for the gaming mice because of the wide range and the unmatched potential.

Therefore, based on the versatility of the optical mouse with the high sensitivity value of the laser mouse, you can find the best potential of the mouse. You can choose for any based on the gaming hours and the necessary equipment to enhance the efficiency and what you prefer more. Hence, always consider the practical option that can benefit you with the best potential with the best efficiency.

Anything Else?

Impaired with all the necessary equipment and the quality features, there are some underlying features that can have a large impact on the efficiency of your mouse. Thus, this guide can help you find the best potential among the competitors in the market based on these quality attributes.

LED Lighting; LED light is a significant feature when it comes to gaming mice. Having a customary LED light can offer you immense quality with a better tracing and key recognition process. RGB light is an excellent option for the color cycle, optimization, and the color combination you want. This RGB light is ideal for you if you need the working of multiple device connections. Hence, it can sync with multiple devices at a time, and the working potential within the game is higher in these.

Sensitivity Options; Sensitivity options are a great determinant of potential and accuracy impaired with the DPI ranges from game to game and depends on the nature of the game overall. Having better sensitivity and an average DPI can ensure the long-lasting potential and work for almost every kind of game efficiently.

Wired or Wireless; Traditionally, wireless mice came with low-speed operations with less accuracy and precision. The wired mice were also in the highlights; however, they presented a big issue of the long cord to handle and fit in the tight space. In contemporary designs, the wireless mouse is an ideal and practical option because of its high efficiency and precision, with outstanding features being the highlight of these wireless mice.

Still, the difference lies in the price of the two. Although wireless is a sound option, you must consider your budget. These wireless mice are more expensive. So, if you are looking for a pocket-friendly approach, go for the wired mouse with enhanced potential.

Finally, based on these features, you can choose the best and lightest gaming mice with a long warranty and the best potential in the market. It would help if you also considered the durability and portability that is a major concern for the users who desire the lightest gaming mouse.

Final Thoughts

These Lightest gaming mice are the absolute potential for gaming and offer the best companionship with brilliant usage overall. Hence, with the higher DPI range and the best sensitivity with the enhanced durability and improved lightweight, these lightest devices are your go-to while considering an alternative for the gaming potential.

Finding a mouse can be challenging because of the long diversity in nature and all types being highly efficient. Hence, you must outline the characteristics or quality attributes you need and ask yourself about your need and want. Then, draw a parallel and dive into the adventure of finding the lightest gaming mouse with the best potential.

However, the unlimited options in the market can make your mind boggle and puzzling to consider the best choice for you. Hence, you must have a sound knowledge about the features and a comparative analysis of what you need. This evaluation can lead you to your destination and the ultimate potential with all the brilliant features.

Here are some recommendations based on durability and the best performance potential in terms of gaming;

Henceforth, one of these lightest gaming mice of 2021 can be your companion in the long struggle of gaming. Enjoy your gaming experience with these ultimate gadgets.