10 Best Tablets Under $200 to Buy in 2021 Review

by Amelia Grace | Last Updated: January 1, 2021

Do you want to spend your free time watching videos or surfing on the internet, but you prefer to use more comprehensive and more precise screens? Phones, laptops, and tablets are the latest products that are easily portable, which is why people favor them more these days.

The gadget that is easier to keep with yourself all the time is most loved and preferred by everyone. Phones play a significant role in that regard, but sometimes people like me, who like to use wider screens, feel more comfortable using tablets.

There is no doubt that you can easily pass your free time using these gadgets without getting bored. You can do all sorts of work from roaming in your gallery to keeping an eye on the global news at the same time through these devices.

In this article, we will give you information about tablets that belong to good companies and are affordable as well. Of course, technology is no piece of cake that you can buy whenever you wish, but we will show you some items at reasonable prices.

1. Lenovo Tab 4

Lenovo Tab 4

Lenovo is a well-known company in the world of technology. You must have heard its name in the gadget shops if you went there to buy a laptop or any other device. There is no doubt that this company has made products that are one of their kind and have a long-lasting life that proves to be very useful to the customers of this company.

So, the first product that we will discuss is Lenovo Tab 4. It is the best choice if you want to use a gadget with a widescreen. It is sometimes seen that some people prefer wider screens over smaller ones as they give a better view of the content being shown. It is 10.1 inches wide, which will provide you with a full and clear view of the content that is being displayed.

Due to its widescreen and 1280*800 pixels, this tablet will show you all the content in high quality, as it is no fun to watch something that has soft graphics or a blurred view. This fact in the combination that the memory of the gadget itself is 16GB makes it suitable and safe to play games on.

5 megapixel back camera and 2-megapixel front camera give a satisfactory performance so that you can easily capture the precious moments of your life in the guaranteed and safe memory of this tab. Moreover, it has a reliable battery that can work for 20 hours straight, so you don’t have to worry about its battery dying when you have to use it for a longer time.


  • Widescreen
  • Kid’s controller
  • Reliable battery


  • Poor audio quality

The attributes of this tablet make it suitable for children as well as older people. You can control and keep an eye on the activity of your children through its kid’s control feature because everyone knows that children can be a bit nosy and try to pry the things with which they have no concern. This is a durable item at a reasonable price to suit your taste.

2. Lenovo Tab M10 FHD

Lenovo Tab M10 FHD

Lenovo being a durable and reliable company, released this tablet, Lenovo Tab M10 FHD for its audience, and once again it did not fail to amaze them. It’s a dream of every single person that they get their hands on something with a long-lasting battery, a good memory, and clear camera pixels. All these wishes have been fulfilled by Lenovo through this product.

Everyone enjoys games and videos on larger screens more as compared to smaller screens. This 10-inch wide tablet gives a clean and neat view to the user, which makes the experience of the user more fun and enjoyable. You can get a better and more detailed picture of the screen if the gadget is wide.

1920*1200 pixels of Lenovo Tab M10 FHD keep the graphics of the screen clear and fresh because bad quality display always ruins the mood if you want to enjoy a good movie. And if you are talking of movies, then the audio sound should also be great as well. But you do not have to worry about this aspect because Lenovo has covered the audio gap with high-quality speakers.

Now you can enjoy your movies without getting irritated by the low sound quality.


  • Kid’s controller
  • Easily charged
  • Good quality speakers


  • Fingerprint scanner not available

This tab, unlike most of the other Lenovo gadgets, does not have a fingerprint scanner security. It can be unlocked through the face-recognition system of the tab. The battery is durable enough to go through your hours of need. Moreover, it has 2GB RAM installed, which will keep your downloaded data safe.

However if you are looking for a low budget tablet then check best tablets under $100.

3. Samsung Galaxy Tab A Kids Edition

Samsung Galaxy Tab A Kids Edition

People of all ages are aware of the entertainment provided by electronic gadgets; children are not an exemption in this regard as well. These little ones of today, also know and have an idea of what they want. So, to keep these small buddies occupied, Samsung released a tab for them as well.

Kids get clingy when they ask their parents for a phone when they are doing an important task. Samsung has solved this problem by making this Tab A for kids. Now parents can hand over this safe gadget to the kids and sit back and relax.

This is more of a subscription device; a lot of amazon apps for kids are already pre-installed that are safe for children to watch. This develops a kind of trust in this gadget as the internet is not a very safe place for children to surf.

This device comes with a pre-installed bumper as kids can have butterfingers because everything keeps slipping from their grip. This bumper will protect the tab from any irreparable damage or any other mishap.


  • Bumper
  • Durable battery
  • Subscription device


  • Small memory

The battery of this gadget is quite durable concerning children. It can work up to 13 hours maximum. But this tab has a small memory; even this does not stop this gadget from being the number one device of kids.

4. Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7

Samsung is a well known and one of the best companies that develop and produce gadgets for the use of people. All the devices made by this company have always been welcomed with open arms both in the market and by people, that is because it still releases good and quality items.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7 is another fantastic and worth giving a shot item. Its slim and smart body makes it easy to hold in hand, and provides another advantage to the user that is, it is easily portable. In other words, you can easily take this tablet with you wherever you want.

This is a relief because you can also do office work on this gadget and take it anywhere that you want. Laptops or monitors do not provide any such facility.

1280*800 pixels of this tab gives a clear and sharp view of the content that is being displayed as no one likes soft graphics while watching something interesting, due to this attribute you can play games, as well as watch movies and videos. This gadget will work like a home cinema for you.

5 megapixel back camera and 2-megapixel front camera give you enough quality that you can easily capture the memorable moments of your life. The excellent quality of the camera is also essential for a gadget as you may need to use it at any time or place, whether it be for enjoyment or work.


  • Reliable battery
  • Reasonable memory
  • Good camera quality


  • Pre-loaded memory

It has a long-lasting battery that will not cause you any trouble in the middle of your work or even after several months. You can also save all the essential information in its reliable storage. This tablet can be considered one of the best tablets under 200$. You will surely enjoy your experience with it.

5. Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet

Amazon Fire HD 8

Amazon has started its line of gadgets to enter this upgraded race of technology and gadgets. It has launched unique products at the start and that too being new in this field. Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet is one of these admirable products that caused an uproar in this technological world because of its smooth features and working.

It has an 8-inch screen, which seems enough for the size of a tablet, as it is neither too small nor too large. It has a smart and slim structure and being of decent standard size; it can easily fit in your hand. Sometimes the gadgets are too wide that they can not fit in your hand, which makes the user a bit uncomfortable, but you won’t feel this problem with this tablet.

A lot of features have been upgraded in this tablet so that it can meet the expectations of its users. It has a modified processor due to which apps won’t take a lot of time to load or process. All of the work will be done in a blink of an eye, within a second. It has a USB-C charging port that is placed in almost all tablets and phones these days.


  • Quick response
  • Sensitive touch
  • Long battery life


  • An annoying amount of ads.

Memory space won’t be a problem in this gadget as it offers 64GB standard space that is expandable to 1TB. This much space is more than enough but even, so it comes with a micro SD card. Your information will be secured in the storage of this tab. This is a trustable gadget if you are looking for the best tablet under 200$.

6. Amazon Kindle Fire 7

Best Tablets Under $200

Amazon has proved to be a good company for manufacturing gadgets that knows what needs of the customers are, individually. The one necessary thing that differentiates a great company from many regular ones is that it has knowledge of what it is doing and what is the demand of the people.

Amazon Kindle Fire 7 has been created to target the crowd who seeks entertainment on gadgets, like watching videos or movies and playing games. It comes with pre-installed Amazon apps that further ease up your task with this tablet.

It is more suitable for people who are fond of small screens. Moreover, its sturdy build makes it safe for the children to use as well because kids do not have a steady and concentrated grip on anything that they are holding. If it is to fall accidentally, not much damage will be caused to the tablet. Due to its extraordinary features, we have listed this tablet in best tablets under $50.


  • Affordable
  • Wide storage
  • Alexa-enabled


  • Low-quality display

This item has a durable battery that will last longer than you expect; this fact makes it more reliable than ever. Moreover, it comes with an expandable memory which will help you save a lot of data in this admirable product.

7. Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet

Amazon Fire HD 10

As explained earlier that amazon has taken a step into the world of technology, it never fails to amaze its audience. Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet has also entranced people with its outstanding quality and unmatchable functioning, which makes it one of the best tablets under 200$.

This gadget has also been developed for entertainment purposes as its high-quality visuals give a clear view of the content being displayed on the screen. You can enjoy videos, movies, and even games on this product, as all of this, is possible through its excellent functioning and qualities.

As the processor of this tablet has also been upgraded, the quality of the functioning of this item has also become quite well. Due to this fact, your gadget will not freeze while you swipe or switch the windows you are using; in other words, it will be quality work.


  • Widescreen
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Modified processor


  • Low-quality speakers

Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet has vast memory storage which will help you store all the essential information and data. The long-lasting battery is another factor that will make you appreciate this product even more.

8. Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8″

Samsung Galaxy Tab A

Samsung being one of the top companies, keeps on releasing eye-catching gadgets every now and then. Samsung has become a sign of good quality. If a gadget is released by Samsung, people will blindly believe that it will be a quality product.

Galaxy Tab A 8 is one of those many fabulous products launched by Samsung, which did not fail to surprise people with its incredible performance. Due to its lightweight and slim physique, it is easy to carry around with you without any problem.

It has an 8-inch screen that is neither too small nor too large to disrupt the comfort zone of the user. This makes it a great choice if you want a great tablet under 200$ for entertainment purposes. This tablet will prove that it was worth choosing it out of all other options.


  • Long-lasting battery
  • Expandable storage
  • Good quality speakers


  • Underdeveloped processor

The battery life is durable, so you can use this gadget either for hours straight, or after some time without connecting the charger, but the battery won’t die out quickly. Moreover, it has a wide memory that is expandable upto 512GB. This attribute makes it even more useful.

9. Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition

Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition

Amazon has been releasing quite admirable products in recent years of its working on the technology. Every time it produced something that was welcomed by the public with open arms, this is so because it knows the demand of the people.

But this time, Amazon didn’t go with the needs of the general public; rather, it focused on the demands of the children of the present time. Fire HD 8 Kids Edition is the result of the observation made by this company.

This product is filled with apps that amazon developed especially for children, to keep them entertained while their parents are busy with their daily timetable. As everyone knows that children can be quite demanding sometimes, this is the perfect distraction for them.


  • Satisfactory functioning
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Good speakers


  • Low-quality display

This tablet is quick at responding to the commands directed by its user and takes no time to fulfill them. The durable battery will hold up for as long as it can to entertain the children engrossed in the colorful screen. The speakers deliver clear audio to the listener. All these qualities make this item a suitable tablet for children’s use.

10. Dragon Touch Notepad K10

Dragon Touch Notepad K10

Storage, camera, battery, and functioning are the first and foremost things that are checked before buying a gadget or a tablet. If these properties have an individual malfunctioning to them, then it feels no fun and thrill to use that product. But do not fret over such things, because we will tell you about a lot of such products that will be perfect for your use.

As mentioned above, all of these facts were kept in mind when Dragon Touch Notepad K10 was produced. It was carefully manufactured to fulfill the needs of the general public that are more into gadgets with wider screens and quick functioning. It will cover most of the gaps that are created by other tablets that fail to impress people.

With its modified and developed processor, the response of this tablet is quite fast, which proves to be satisfying for the user. This fact will help you to switch windows easily without the tablet freezing during this function. It already has enough storage that is expandable upto 128GB that is enough to store all the essential data that you want to secure.


  • Developed processor
  • Expandable storage
  • Great display


  • Low battery life

If you are looking for the best tablet under 200$, then you can trust and count on Dragon Touch Notepad K10. With its quick response and proper functioning, this item won’t let you down. You will surely enjoy the time you spend with this gadget. The adequate and perfect functioning of this tablet will make you praise its quality.

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Questions You Might Think About

What is the best inexpensive tablet to buy?

Lenovo tab 4 will prove to be the best choice if you are looking for a tablet that functions properly and is also of good quality.

What is the best cheap 10 inch Android tablet?

Lenovo tab 4 is the best 10-inch tablet. Its widescreen will give a clear view of the content that is being displayed on the screen.

Which is the best tablet in 2021?

You might want to try Amazon Fire 7 if you are looking for the best tablet of 2021. Its performance is greater than any other tablet that has ever been manufactured.

Is 32 GB enough for a tablet?

Yes, 32GB is more than enough for tablets as most of them have the characteristic which gives them expandable storage.

Summary of our article

We will pack up our article by saying that, this is true that everyone in this present time is a big fan of every new electronic gadget. But it does not mean that we waste our money by senselessly buying everything that we like. We should be considerate when it comes to spending money.

So by buying these tablets, you can keep your budget in check as well as enjoy good quality electronic gadgets. All you have to do is look for quality.