10 Best Monitors Under $500 (2021) Review

by Amelia Grace | Last Updated: January 1, 2021

Do you need a monitor? There are different types of monitors based on their features. For instance, one monitor that comes for regular use cannot use it for hard gaming. So you need to be clear about the type of monitor you need. And I am here just for that. I will be covering all the types of monitors so that you have a variety to choose from and will be under $500.

So hop on whether you’re a gamer or extensive user of the monitor for work purposes. To make sure you’re getting the best monitor, you can get under $500. I am reviewing monitors from the leading brands. These brands include Dell, LG, for its high-quality picture display, ASUS for best gaming features, and others.

Also, the prices of these monitors will be highly affordable, so you don’t have to worry about the expenses that come with purchasing monitors. These monitors will also deliver the performance that you require making enhancing the productivity of your work.



Want to have the most exciting gaming experience at an affordable price? Then AUS VG279QM might be the best monitor within the 500 dollars range. It is first the monitor to come up with 280Hz refreshing making it the world’s fastest gaming monitor in the world.

The ASUS VG279QM will give you the most thrilling experience in gaming. For this, it is considering three different things for providing such an experience, unlike the others that keep their focus on the refresh rate only. The three things include the 280Hz refreshing rate, no blur motion, and HDR support. This perfect combination works to give the gamers the thrill they want.

Imagine a monitor having a fast performance monitor with the most fantastic picture quality. It sounds like a dream, right!. Well, the ASUS VG279 not only gives the best performance in terms of gaming but also gives you extraordinary picture quality.

Its because the ASUS VG279 makes use of the IPS panels instead of VA or TN panels. The IPS can deliver you both high speed and also a good picture quality by full coverage of the RGB. So, if you’re a gamer who takes the performance and the picture quality seriously, then ASUS VG279 is what you need.

Now let’s talk about the design of the ASUS VG279QM. It has thin bezels with 27 inches of the large display. So it is a screen large enough for the gamers to have good visuals of the game. Although this monitor is made entirely out of plastic, it’s still pretty stable due to its high built quality.

The stand is also sturdy and short in length, so you even set this monitor on small tables. It has a matte finish to it with some fresh graphics embedded at the backside. The monitor is not fixed to the stand so you can tilt, swivel it, or rotate at the desired position.


  • Good Ergonomics
  • Fast Response Time
  • High Image Accuracy at Angles


  • Low Contrast

The additional features of ASUS VG279 include the support of the free sync AMD FreeSync and NVIDIA G-sync compatibility. It also has an excellent anti-glare screen and a good SDR brightness. So now You won’t get distracted by sunlight when using it during the day. So why wait when you are getting all of the features of a monitor under $500.

This is the best monitor in this range. If you want a budget-friendly monitor then take a look at our list best monitors under $300.

2. LG 27UK650-W

Best Monitors Under $500

Video editing and web designing require monitors to have superior image quality. LG is the leader when it comes to high picture quality displays. So bring LG 27UK650-W home today and get your job done. This monitor gives you a superb amount of real estate so you can view the small details.

Also, it has high color accuracy, which means that the picture won’t be affected when you’re looking at it from different angles. So editing your video comes at your fingertips with the most lively and vibrant colors on your display due to the wide RGB gamut range.

Although this monitor has outstanding capabilities for picture and video editing, it doesn’t stay behind in the gaming world. The IPS panel takes your game to a different level as compared to what a VA or TN ever could. Although it doesn’t have a good contrast, it’s worth compromising when it comes to high performance. With a 4k resolution, you’re enjoying a game at a refresh rate of 60Hz with a response time of 5 milliseconds.

The design of the monitor has an innovative touch due to the thin bezels giving your eyes the maximum display they could enjoy. The exclusive design makes it one of the most alluring monitors in the market. But this doesn’t mean that this is just a beautiful monitor; it is also a durable one.

The stand is sturdy and allows you to adjust its height. Although you cannot swivel this monitor, you can still get some tilt. So you can sit comfortably in your chair and keep editing your images without tiring yourself.


  • Superior Resolution
  • Low Input Lag
  • Wide Viewing Angles


  • No Local Dimming Supports
  • Poor HDR

In short, it has super-resolution and low lag input giving you superb image quality and performance. The additional features of this monitor are Black stabilizer and Automatic standby. With an IPS panel that allows you to perform different types of tasks, the LG 27UK650-W is the best monitor. So whether you’re a gamer or graphic designer, you can get a monitor that is under $500 but worth the deal.

3. DELL S2417DG


Dell S2417DG is a purely gaming monitor available under $500. So you don’t have to worry about buying an expensive monitor for getting the best gaming experience. That’s a massive saving right, especially when getting a gaming monitor.

The VA panel gives it the fastest refreshing rate of 144Hz, which you can further increase up to 165Hz, making it unbelievably the fastest monitor. In case performance is your utmost priority, then Dell S2417DG can be just the right monitor you need for quick and competitive gaming.

In case you’re obsessed with the classic design of Dell monitors, then you will find the design attractive. However, for others, it might not as much as appealing but a bit more professional. The Dell S2417DG features thin bezels giving you a large display with a rectangular base.

But you’re not losing too much with its simple design. It’s because you’re getting all the functions that a good monitor has. You can pivot the panel from left to right up to 45 degrees. In addition to this, you can also tilt the monitor and adjust its vertical height. So you’re getting all the orientation of a monitor.

The image quality of this monitor is just as of the other ordinary VA panels. Your gaming visuals won’t be so vibrant as it is in IPS panels. Also, the picture looks whitewashed when viewed at different angles, but it’s a common problem with VA panels so that you won’t be too bothered with it.

After all, it has excellent color accuracy, and also it is exceptionally good at showing the shadows and highlights. Also, it has an anti-glare screen, so it’s suitable for day timings. So it’s not too much of a compromise when you’re getting a response time of 1 millisecond.


  • High Refresh Rate
  • Gaming Features
  • Supports Nvidia G-Sync


  • Bad Viewing Angles
  • Washed Out Color

With all these fantastic features, it also comes with the additional ones. These include the support of G Sync, which changes the entire game giving you the most experience you could ever have. So no more tearing and more ghosting. Also, it enjoys excellent ratings, and I highly recommend it for gaming even if its a monitor under $500. Trust me! You won’t be dissatisfied at all.



Imagine having variable refresh rates for no tearing and black frame insertion for tackling motion blur. It sounds like a dream right, but it’s not. Now the ASUS TUF VG27AQ you can get these two features in a single monitor without comprising any of the two.

They make it possible by using the ELMB-Sync, which is a combination of these two features. As a result, you’re getting a refresh that is twice as fast without the screen going black. This ELMB-Sync supports refreshing rates of 100, 120, 144, and 155 hertz. The ASUS is the first brand to introduce such technology in its monitors with its ASUS TUF VG27AQ, leaving the gamers craving for it.

The ASUS TUF VG27AQ has a black matte color with sleek borders giving it a premium look. Like most monitors, it also has thin bezels for giving you a large display. This monitor consists of plastic rather than metals, but it is a high quality built. The stand of this monitor is highly adjustable.

It means that you can raise the height of the monitor, and also you can swivel it and tilt from left to right along with pivot support. You can achieve all these orientations without making a stand unstable because of its sturdy design. The best part of the design of this monitor is that you can control all its features by using a joystick.

The ASUS TUF VG27AQ comes with an IPS panel hinting that it has high picture quality. The colors are bright and vibrant. So you view the picture at different angles, and it won’t lose its accuracy. Also, it is 27 inches wide so you can enjoy gaming visuals on a bigger screen, enhancing your gaming experience.

Moreover, it also supports HDR, so you can easily stream HDR content on the monitor. Because of such high picture quality, you can use this monitor for picture and video editing.


  • ELMB-Sync
  • Low Input Lag
  • Good Ergonomics


  • Narrow Color Gamut
  • Not Suitable for Dark Room

Along with all other superb features, it also delivers a fantastic performance. This monitor has a refreshing rate of 144Hz, which can further overclock it up to 165Hz, making it excellent for gaming as well as other purposes. With a response time up to one millisecond, you will experience the lowest input lag. However, it’s not suitable for gaming of 60Hz refresh rate due to limited adjustment. But the ELMB-Sync technology makes it one of the best gaming monitors under $500.

5. ASUS VG279Q


Another best monitor that you can easily buy under $500 is the ASUS VG279Q. It is another under $500 monitor that comes with ELMB-Sync technology. This technology is the mixture of both the variable refreshing rate and the insertion of the black frame. So now, gamers will experience no motion blur during their gameplay. In addition to this, you can also use it for everyday uses. Thus it is a multitasking monitor getting all kinds of jobs done for you.

Further, this ELMB-Sync technology is complemented by high performance, forcing you not to miss this one out. Although the company says that the response of this monitor is one millisecond, it is three milliseconds. But this won’t be much of a problem for you because three milliseconds is also super fast with a negligible amount of ghosting during your gameplay.

Also, it has a refreshing rate of 144hz, which gives the lowest possible lag input. It also supports the Adaptive-Sync to enhance your thrill during the gameplay. So you can have the most thrilling gaming experience you could ever have with ASUS VG279Q.

The picture quality of this monitor is high due to the IPS panel of this monitor. You are getting all the vibrant and bright colors on your screen as it comes with a 99% coverage of RGD. You can view the picture on this monitor without losing its color accuracy. In other words, it has wide angles. Although you might experience the pixel low density by setting up anti-aliasing effects, you can get a much better resolution.

The ASUS VG279Q design features a sturdy design. Like the ASUS TUF VG27AQ, it consists of entirely plastic, but there is no compromise on its build-up quality. Further, the design features a gaming style at the back of the monitor and comes in black color.


  • ELMB-Sync
  • High Color Accuracy
  • Superior Response Time


  • Limitation in a resolution of 1080
  • Not Suitable for Dark Rooms

The stand of ASUS VG279Q is flexible, allowing it to swivel from left to right, pivot, and even tilt. Moreover, it has a simple setup as the monitor is already attached to the stand. You just have to fix it at its base. Thus, making it one of the best monitors under $500.

6. DELL U2518D


Do you need a monitor just for regular purposes that’s under $500? Then Dell can just accommodate you on that with its Dell U2518D. You can use this monitor can for different types of multitasking, such as office work or only at home. With monitors, you can also edit videos and pictures due to its high picture quality. Another that even makes it more suitable for you is you can attach another monitor to it.

In other words, you’re getting a set up of multi-monitors for making work much more comfortable. Also, you tile a different number of applications on multiple screens, making multitasking much more achievable. Thus giving you adding productivity to your work.

Now moving on to its picture quality, it does have IPS panels rather than VA or TN panels. The IPS panels are known for giving you a high-quality picture but also excellent performance. The captivating HDR adds a whole new dimension to its image quality. The HDR is responsible for providing this monitor a high depth color of the image along with the contrast making them appear.

In other words, it makes them look more realistic and detailed. Thus, making it perfect for photo editing as well as video editing. Further, the QHD of this monitor makes it ideal for watching movies as it enhances the sharpness and the details of the picture than HD could.

The Dell U2518D has a classic design of dell. The bezels are kept thin bezels for providing you the maximum screen display. Although it has a plastic body, it has superb build quality as there are no gaps found in it. Overall the monitor is thin just like other Dell monitors. The stand is sturdy and supports different orientations, such as tilt from left to right. You can adjust the height of this monitor can also be changed, and you can set in a portrait. Thus it has excellent ergonomics.

The performance of this monitor is outclassing. It has a refreshing rate of 60Hz with a response rate of up to five milliseconds, which is more than enough for delivering excellent performance. It’s due to such performance that you can also use this monitor for playing many games. Although it doesn’t have a refresh rate variable and often you may experience slight motion blur. For this purpose, you can look at our article best budget 144hz monitors.


  • Wide Viewing Angles
  • Good Ergonomics
  • Superior RGB Coverage


  • Poor Black Uniformity

It won’t be a problem for you, especially if your serious gamer. In case you just need to kill time and just are looking for something entertaining, then it is definitely for you. But if you’re a serious gamer, then my personal preference for you would be Dell S2417DG as it is purely made for gaming and is fast performing monitor under $500.

7. LG 27UL500-W

LG 27UL500-W

Do you need a monitor that’s highly suitable for work? LG has gone far with providing you a high-quality picture, and now it’s giving you a monitor that can take your productivity to the next level. This monitor not only has the best resolution but also comes within a fantastic performance for regular use.

Since it is for office work, it might not give you the best gaming features that gaming monitors give you. But still, you can easily play games on this monitor because it has support for AMD Free Sync. The AMD Free Sync enables you to improve your gaming experience by making use of graphic cards.

This LG 27UL500-W has an IPS panel due to which it features high-quality pictures. Coming at 10-bit color, this monitor has 1.7 billion colors giving you 98% RGB color. In addition to this, the image of this monitor doesn’t lose accuracy. So you can easily view the image at a wide range of angles with 178 degrees. But you will need to use a calibrator for getting an accurate calibrate when you’re working at a professional level.

This monitor also supports the HDR mode, and although it is not the best HDR you will find, you can still use it for console gaming. So it’s a pretty good deal because you’re getting 4k resolution, which gives you the crystal clear images. All of this comes within an affordable range. Thus, making it one the best regular use monitor.

The design of this monitor is similar to other monitors but is also different in several ways. For instance, this monitor comes in two different colors. The front display of the monitor is in a black matte color. But the back part of the monitor is white, giving it a refreshing look.

So this monitor adds extra appeal to the working desk. However, it has a complete plastic body, so it’s sturdy enough. Further, the stand of this monitor cannot be tilted, but that’s not much to worry about because you also used a third stand for fixing it in your room.


  • Low Input Lag
  • Affordable
  • High Color Accuracy


  • Limited Stand Orientation

Also, at this cost, you get a fantastic performance monitor that can allow you to be more productive with your work. Moreover, with a refreshing rate of up to 60Hz, it is quite speedy. Or in other words, you won’t have a problem tracking the motion in the picture. Although the gamers can’t enjoy a refreshing rate up to 144Hz, you can make use of the NVIDIA graphic cards for enhancing the gaming visuals. Also, the split-screen gives you multitasking at your fingertips. In other words, it is a superb monitor for work purposes under $500. So it’s definitely worth your money.

8. ViewSonic XG2405

ViewSonic XG2405

Are you a hardcore gamer but are struggling to find a good monitor for gaming below $500? In this case, the ViewSonic XG2405 can serve you. With a refreshing rate of 144Hz, you’re getting a high-speed performance. Its because the high refresh rate minimizes the input lag up to its lowest level.

With a response time of 1 millisecond, there will be no ghosting or tearing in your game. It also supports FreeSync and is also G-Sync compatible. Thus it gives the best gaming experience you could ever have.

The ViewSonic XG2405 gives you a design that looks similar to some of the other monitors that are a bit expensive. It has an extremely sleek body, so it’s not a bulky monitor that takes too much of your tablespace. Another exceptional feature of this monitor is its stand.

The stand consists of aluminum giving it all the strength and stability for holding a monitor. The screen is anti-glare, so with reduced reflection, you won’t get distracted during your game. Further, this monitor has a black matte body with the hardness up to 3H, making it highly durable.

Along with its dashing design, it also comes with high picture quality. This monitor makes use of IPS panels for delivering such picture quality. Moreover, it has full RGB coverage of 100%, which gives you vibrant colors on your monitor display.

Also, it has a contrast ratio, so you’re not losing too much color contrast with the IPS panels. In addition to this, the monitor features high color accuracy, so viewing pictures at different angles won’t bother you. So you can also use monitors for processing videos and editing pictures.


  • Support Freesync
  • Competitive Gaming
  • High Refresh Rate


  • No HDR Lacks Extended Color

Overall it can be said that ViewSonic XG2405 is the perfect monitor for hardcore gamers. Also, if you’re into console gaming and want to become a PC gamer, then this monitor is the most suitable one within such a price range. It is a highly recommended monitor from me in case you’re into competitive gaming and need a monitor under $500.

9. Philips 328E1CA

Philips 328E1CA

Besides LG and Dell, you can also find good quality monitors for working in Phillips. It is because Phillips is known for its high durability monitors similar is the case with the Phillips 328E1CA. Thus, it can be a perfect monitor both for regular uses and also for gaming purposes.

With a design that’s comfortable for office use and casual gaming, you get two in the combo. So It’s worth your investment. Other features include the 4K resolution and 32 inches wide screen that will make you crave for it. And you’re getting all this at a reasonable price.

The design of Philips 328E1CA is a bit different from the LG and monitor. It has a curved display, and you get a feeling as if you’re submerging yourself within the pictures. Also, it has thin bezels but a little bit thicker at the bottom of a monitor.

Further, the stand of this monitor comes in silver color with a metal powder coating. Although it is highly stable, you cannot swivel, rotate, or adjust it in terms of height. But it’s’s sleek look with a curved display grasps the attention of customers.

Moreover, it is a superior monitor for photo and video editing. It is due to sRGB coverage, which is 120% with a 4K resolution. So just imagine how good the picture quality would be with such a large display. Unlike other monitors that require a colorimeter for picture editing with this monitor, you can do this by merely adjusting color temperature. It will reduce all the errors of the picture.


  • High-Resolution
  • Curved Design
  • Low Input Lag


  • May get Blur
  • Narrow Gamut

For delivering ultra-fast performance, it makes use of the VA panels. The VA panels give you a faster refresh rate but compromise a bit on the image quality. It’s not too much as compared to the TN panels because the VA panels give you much better image quality with faster performance. This monitor has a refreshing rate of 60Hz with the lowest lag making this monitor fit for gaming and is readily available under $500.

10. HP VH240a

HP VH240a

Need an extremely cheap monitor just for regular use? Well then, look no further because Hp is offering one of its cheapest monitors in the market with HP VH240a. Not only does it come at an affordable price, but it also delivers you the performance speed that you need for your work.

You can also consider a business monitor due to its office-friendly design. It’s’s comfortable for office work, so now you can work for nonstop hours without tiring yourself out. So goodbye to fatigue by using this Hp monitor.

Although it comes at a much lower price, it still has superior image quality. In other words, it comes with an HD resolution, so you’re getting much clearer pictures with natural colors along with a smoother motion. Moreover, it has 72% coverage of sRGB, which is just fine for photo and video editing.

However, if you’re a professional, then you can consider other monitors for editing and processing the video. For this purpose, we have short listed best monitors for graphic designing for your convenience. On the other hand, you can use this monitor to watch movies and short videos.

When it comes to monitoring performance, it has a response time of 5 milliseconds, which is more than enough for fast performance. Also, it has a refreshing rate of 60Hz, which makes it highly suitable for document works, movies, and even for listening to music.

Further, you can also use this monitor for casual gaming when you’re taking time off. But in case you’re looking for a hardcore gaming, then don’t consider this monitor because it doesn’t support AMD FreeSync. Other than this, it is an excellent option for office works and regular use.


  • Wide Viewing Angles
  • Good Quality for Price
  • Sleek Design


  • No AMD FreeSync
  • No Flicker-Free Bluelight

Like every other monitor, it also features thin bezels design. Thus, giving you a large display screen. It has a sleek body that’s strong and sturdy. The stand of this monitor is its distinguishing features. The monitor has a black matte texture to it making it a beautiful monitor that will sit on your tabletop. However, this beauty comes with great functionality due to its flexible stand. This flexible stand is highly adjustable, and you can easily tilt it. Thus, making it a must-have monitor for your office available under $500.


Overall it can be said that there many monitors that are available under 500 dollars. You can get some of the best performing monitors without emptying your pockets. But before you buy any monitor, make sure that it’s compatible with your requirements. Some monitors are more suitable for office work and regular uses. In contrast, others are more suitable for gaming and video editing and processing videos. To make it easier for you, here are the three picks for you, depending on their different features.

With so many options available in the market, I hope I have managed to clear your confusion when it comes to buying monitors. Not only these monitors come in the affordable range also deliver an outclass performance. Thus, nothing is disappointing about these monitors even though they are cheap. So why wait, buy your monitor today and have a happy shopping. Also, keep visiting our website for such helpful content. Thank you.