10 Best Monitors 2021 Under $400 (Budget-Friendly) Review

by Amelia Grace | Last Updated: January 1, 2021

Are you frustrated by the variety of monitors that come in the market with the different price ranges? I would also be. With so many price tags and features available with monitors, you end up in stressful situations. Well then say goodbye to your confusion. I will help you in picking the best monitor under 400$. Not only will the Monitor come in affordable range but will also deliver on performance.

There are many types of monitors, so before buying one, you should be clear about your purpose. In other words, it means that you should know the kind of monitor you need. For instance, if you’re a gamer, then you should buy monitors that have features designed explicitly for gaming purposes. But if you want to buy one for regular use, then you should go for monitors that are simple in functioning.

To make it easier for you, I am reviewing the top best monitors that come in an affordable range without compromising on its performance. I am going to cover gaming monitors, multi-purpose monitors, and some simpler monitors. Thus, it will help all types of people so whether you’re a gamer or a regular user or even an entertainment lover, you will find the right Monitor for you.

1. LG 32GK650F-B

Best Monitor Under 400

LG 32GK650F-B

The budget is an utmost priority for many customers. Most of us desire products that come in affordable range without compromising on the quality of that product. Although it’s difficult to find such products, LG has managed to provide us with just that. With LG 32GK650f-B, it has grasped this concept very well and implemented it within its products.

In case you’re looking for a multi-purpose monitor within budget, then LG 32Gk650 is a king. You can use this Monitor for your basic requirements. Also, you can use this Monitor can for office purposes. The most prominent feature is that it also harbors gamers. To make this possible, it has VA technology. The VA display panel gives high contrast to your Monitor’s’s display giving you the best display you could have with budget-friendly monitors. So you shouldn’t miss this Monitor.

Designs of monitors also matter for so many customers out there. If you’re one of them, then you got to consider LG 32GK650-B. Not only will you get decent design but also the functionality. The LG 32GK650-B features UltraGear style. In other words, it has a V-shaped stand with a decent front panel. The V-shaped stand gives versatile orientation to the Monitor. So you can tilt your Monitor and adjust it the way you want to. In other words, you’re getting a 2 in 1 combo.


  • Low Lag Input
  • Uniform Black
  • Multi-Purpose Monitor


  • Bit of Blurry Motion
  • Viewing Angles Need Improvement

After knowing all its features details, you must still have questions related to its performance because the VA panel is one of the fastest monitors that can be afforded within a budget. The response time is 6.50, which is much greater than the required time for a 144hz refreshing rate monitor. However, certain transitions might be a bit slower, but comparatively, it’s much better with the lowest input lag of 3.3mms. In short, with such an affordable price which is under $400, you get the most you can get with your money.

2. Dell S-Series (Dell S2719DGF)

Best Gaming Monitors Under 400

Dell S-Series

If you’re not into multipurpose monitors and are only buying a new monitor for the best gaming experience, then look no further. With the Dell S2719GDF, you can have it all. The Dell S Series makes this possible by giving it the highest possible speed with 144Hz Monitor. This is the reason that we have also listed it under best budget 144Hz Monitors. However, you can increase this up to 155 Hz by using a Free Sync. The best part is that this high-speed performance comes in an affordable range coming under $400.

By looking at its design it has a professional touch to it. For those that define simplicity as beauty, it might just be perfect for you. It has a small stand connected to the Monitor. But this doesn’t make any less stable. So you don’t have to worry about its stability. Moreover, this monitor has various orientations. For instance, the monitor can be set in a portrait position. Briefly, it can be said that it is built-in quality with a simple but attractive design.

Picture quality is an important aspect of gaming monitors. Dell S2719GDF has an amazing grey uniformity which allows you to get better quality of a picture having a uniform color in a huge area. Along with this, it also has superior SDS peak brightness, so your display isn’t affected during the day when sunlight hits hard into the rooms. In addition, the screen of this Monitor has a reduced reflection of light, so no problems in visibility due to reflection.


  • Sleek Design
  • Minimum Lag Input
  • Right Refreshing Rate For 144Hz


  • Problems in Image Accuracy at Angles
  • Low-Grade Contrast

When compared to LG 32GK650f-B, it delivers much better performance. This is due to its response time, which is a lot faster (milliseconds in terms of refreshing rate). But in terms of picture quality, LG 32GK650f-B has the edge over it as picture quality loses its accuracy and contrast when it’s in a motion of Dell S2719GDF. So it mainly depends upon what kind of Monitor you need in other words, it’s all about priorities.

3. HP 27f

Best 400 Dollar Gaming Monitor

HP 27f

Are you tired of monitors that come with average picture quality? Well then HP 27f is your solution. It has higher image quality than the Dell S2719DGF and LG 32Gk650. This due to the ultra-wide view and the flat screen that gives you the best display possible. Moreover, The IPS technology enhances the colors and best angles which were problematic in both the Dell S2719DGF and LG 32Gk650. Further, the screen of this Monitor is anti-glare.

The design features innovation having a sleek monitor. The color scheme has unique to it consisting of two colours matte black and silver. For people that are fond of large displays, it will be exactly what they are looking for. In short, it has an elegant touch to it with slim borders. But unlike Dell S2719DGF and LG 32Gk650, it can not be set up in different orientations as it has a stand that keeps the Monitor still at its original position. But its attractive design can make you fall in love with it.

Many people prefer monitors that come with multi-purpose use, and HP 27f is one of them. Whether you just need it for simple tasks, or for gaming purposes, this Monitor can be used. Further, due to its wider screen, it’s suitable for video edits as well. So you get such different uses from HP 27f that you won’t have to buy other monitors for such needs.


  • High Image Quality
  • Free Sync Support
  • Minimum Input Lag


  • No speakers
  • Fixed Stand

Now that I discussed all the other aspects of this Monitor let us move on to its performance. HP 27f is a monitor with a refreshing rate of 60Hz, which you can further increase to 75 Hz for getting optimum performance. Although it can’t be compared to monitors with 144Hz refreshing, it still provides good performance for your tasks. It is another budget-friendly monitor and can give you the best image quality, so it’s worth your money, especially when it under $400.

4. Alienware 25

25 Inches Monitor Under 400

Alienware 25

The Alienware brand is known for its best products, especially for its gaming computers. So when you’re purchasing an Alienware 25 monitor, you won’t be disappointed even if it is a monitor under $400. This Monitor gives fine image quality because of its TN panel. But that doesn’t mean it stays behind in terms of performance. The Alienware 25 is made for the gamers. So that you can stay within the budget but also have awesome gaming experience.

This Monitor is an exclusive centerpiece with an appealing design. To add extra thrill for all the gamers, it has LED lights installed at the rear position of this Monitor. These LED lights come with a variety of colors that you can select by using the Alien FX technology. The stand of this Monitor is sturdy, having a tripod structure. So you easily swivel it, tilt it, or pivot it. Briefly, it has superb quality with maximum display because of thinner bezels.

When you’re playing games for the best gaming experience performance of a monitor really matters. With TN Panels that have 240 Hz of refreshing rate, you will have the lowest possible lag input. It has additional gaming features such as the support for FreeSync and G Sync. So no more screen tearing when you’re playing the game.

Even though it is considered to be the best monitor under this category, but due to it’s a little bit expensive price we have also prepared a list of best monitors under $300 for the people on low budget.


  • Supports G Sync & Free Sync
  • High Color Quality
  • Fast Refreshing Rate


  • Bit Expensive
  • No HDR Support

You must be still wondering about the image quality of Alienware 25. It has a fairly good image quality. Usually, large screen display monitors have a poor resolution but not in the case of this Monitor. Due to its vibrant colors and good resolution, you can have a high-grade display when you’re playing games. So you can enjoy a variety of games such as Tekken 7, GTA, and PUBG with Alienware 25.

5. BenQ EX2780Q

Best 27 inch Gaming Monitor Under 400

BenQ EX2780Q

Looking for a monitor that is within your range but also supports HDR? BenQ EX2780Q is one of the most compatible gaming monitors in the market which comes with HDR support for game lovers. You can also tune the HDR by using an HDRi technology. The HDRi allows you to switch from cinema HDR to game HDR and even Display HDR. HDR gives high richness in terms of color and contrast.

Another edge that BenQ EX2780Q has over other monitors that come in this range is high-quality speakers. These speakers come from treVOlO Audios, thus making it the best sound system a monitor could ever have. So now you can enjoy movies and music because of the presets that come with it. So you won’t need additional speakers for audio.

That’s not all as it also has 2k resolution and high color accuracy. The IPS panel takes the visual of this Monitor to the next level. With a broad color spectrum, you can use this Monitor for many different purposes. These include video editing, photo editing, graphic design movies, and last of all, competitive gaming. That’s a lot of features that you’re getting just by purchasing BenQ EX2780Q.


  • Supports HDR
  • Accurate Colors
  • Highest Quality speaker
  • High Refreshing Rate


  • Poor Ergonomics
  • Limited Port Selectivity

In terms of performance, BenQ EX2780Q has a refreshing rate of 144Hz and a very fast response time. The fast response comes from the use of an Advanced motion accelerator which lowers the time response by driving the Liquid crystal display. In short, it has minimum lag input and is suitable for the type of users because of its brightness modes. If I were you, I wouldn’t miss the BenQ EX2780Q, especially when this monitor is under $400.

6. Samsung SR650

1080p Monitor Under 400

Samsung SR650

Do you need a decent monitor that is able to fulfill your daily needs of computer work? Well then Samsung SR650 can just accommodate that. It is a budget-friendly monitor that is perfect for office use. Moreover, you can also play games on this computer due to the merging of two different screens without any trouble. But it’s more suitable for office work purposes. So, in other words, it’s a multi-purpose monitor.

The Samsung SR650 delivers great performance when you’re working with it. Samsung SR650 has a refresh rate of 75hz. But you will actually enjoy using this Monitor as it has an amazing addition to this. It comes with an IPS panel that gives accuracy even at an angle of 176 degrees irrespective of one side. In other words, you’re getting a good image quality without compromising on its performance.

Further, its prominent feature lies in its design. The design has a modern touch to it but with a decent look. The bezels of this Monitor are extremely thin and provide you comfort to the eyes AS it reduces your distraction when you are working. Thus, Making this model monitor ideal for businesses under $400.


  • Flexibility Connectivity
  • Comfortable Design
  • Good Screen Quality


  • Bit Complex Connectivity
  • Low Refresh rate

There are many people that prefer environmentally friendly electronics. The Samsung SR650 is an eco-friendly product as recycled plastic is used in its manufacturing process. Thus reducing the burden on the environment. Also, it comes with a three years warranty giving its guarantee that its a durable monitor that can last a lot longer than you think. In short, it’s affordable and productive

7. Acer XZ321Q

Best 144Hz Monitor Under 400

Best Monitors Under $400

For those who want a good monitor with additional gaming features, Acer XZ321Q can definitely accommodate you. This Monitor is highly affordable and is easy on the budget as it comes under $400. But also gives a great hand in gaming due to the addition of HDR into it. So you can actually enjoy your game and also get other jobs done.

Unlike the above-mentioned monitors, it utilizes VA panels. Although this might compromise a little on picture quality, it gives you the lowest refresh rate that it can give you. The refresh rate of this Monitor is 144Hz, so it doesn’t lag too much when you’re using Acer XZ321Q. Further, the response time of this is extremely low, so you won’t be irritated by its speed.

Design is equally important when you’re buying a new monitor for those who are attracted to large displays with thin bezels than Acer XZ321Q is the most suitable for you. It has a curved shape, so when you’re viewing an image, you will feel as if you’re submerged within the image. Further, you can also tilt or swivel the Monitor and even adjust its height. So it actually puts you in control so that you can stay within your comfort zone.


  • Good Response Time
  • AMD Free Sync Support
  • Curvy Shape


  • Poor HDR

In addition to all the above-mentioned features, the Acer XZ321Q also comes with good quality speakers. So you can also watch movies on it and listen to your favorite music. With its Mobile High definition, you can charge your tablets and cellphones. Besides this, it also has 100 full ranges of RGB spectrum, so you’re getting high color depth. Thus it’s worth every penny.

8. Sceptre C275B

Curved Gaming Monitor Under 400

Sceptre C275B

Are you planning to try some fun new games? But at the same time, you need a gaming monitor within an affordable range, for instance, a monitor under $400. Well, then you should buy a Sceptre C275B. This Monitor is light on your budget. With this Monitor, not only you will be able to play fun games but also use it for regular purposes. So you should definitely opt for this Monitor. Because with low prices it offers so many features that usually come at a high price.

One of its features that is important to consider is performance. It comes with a refreshing rate of 144Hz so you won’t experience lag. Thus, making it suitable for hardcore gamers. However, it has an average speed which some might find slow. Overall, it has an average performance, but at this price, it’s not something you should worry about.

Don’t be upset with its average performance when it can accommodate you with its high picture quality. It comes with a VA panel along with rich color contrast, so it gives you awesome visuals. There are other monitors that lose color accuracy when it is viewed at different angles. But with Sceptre C275B you can view the picture at different angles, and it won’t lose its accuracy. So even at a 176-degree angle, you can get high image quality.


  • Curvy Design
  • AMD Free Sync
  • Features for Gaming


  • No USB Ports
  • Narrow Angles in Viewing

Many people look for sleekness in design. Sceptre C275B has a sleek look to its design. So it corporates the modern concept to its design. Along with this, it has extremely thin bezels for a large and comfortable display. The curvy aspect of this Monitor further extenuates its elegant look and leaves you submerged with its visual. Thus one the best monitor available under $400.

9. BenQ EW3280U

4k Monitor Under 400

BenQ EW3280U

If you find BenQ EX2780Q heavier on your budget than you should consider the BenQ EW3280U monitor under $400. The exclusive feature of this Monitor that makes it different from all the other monitors is its 4K resolution. This type will enhance the sharpness of the image so that you don’t miss out on the smaller details. The HDR further improves image quality by rich colors and contrasts.

BenQ EW3280U also has a simple and plain design. The color combination consists of two colours black and grey that complement each other. Also, its monitor stand is strong enough and provides good stability to the Monitor. It has a restricted orientation as the stand only allows it to tilt in certain positions.

Although the BenQ EW3280U comes with 4K resolution and HDR, it has an average performance. The refreshing rate of this Monitor is 60Hz which is low, especially when other monitors with high refreshing rates are available at such price. TN panels are used in these monitors, which provide short response time with superb visuals.


  • 4K resolution
  • High Picture
  • Quality HDR Technology
  • Affordable


  • Low Refreshing Rate

Moreover, it is a multi-purpose monitor. This means that this Monitor is designed for regular use. But you can also play games on it due to its added game features such as the TN panels. Also, this Monitor has speakers installed to it of fine quality so you can also use it for home entertainment. which is the reason that it is listed under the best monitors with built-in speakers. So be sure to consider this monitor when buying one under $400.

10. Asus VP28UQG

Best 4k Monitor Under 400

Asus VP28UQG

In case you want to buy a cheap 4K monitor then you can consider Asus VP28UQG. It is another 4k resolution monitor but has a much lower price as compared to the BenQ EW3280U. The 4K resolution gives vivid images that allow you to notice every small detail on your display. In short, this Monitor has a very sharp image quality.

When it comes to the performance of this Monitor it is important to consider the type of panel they come with. The Asus VP28UQG comes with TN panels. Although these panels don’t provide you with superior image quality, these do give short response time in single milliseconds. So there is no ghosting on your computer and blurry motion making it perfect fit the monitor.

Moreover, the Asus VP28UQG can also be used for multi-purposes. You can use this Monitor for regular use at home. Also withs 4K resolution you stream Netflix movies or Amazon Video on it with superior image quality. In other words, it can also be used for entertainment purposes. Plus it can even serve as a gaming monitor. It also has support for AMD Free Sync, so just by using graphic cards, you can take your game to the next level using a monitor under $400.


  • Supports AMD Free Sync
  • 4k sharp resolution
  • Highly Affordable
  • Gaming Friendly


  • No USB Ports
  • No Speakers

In addition to all of these features, it also comes with the additional ones. For instance, it has eight picture calibrated presets that include nighttime scenery, gaming, night view, and darkroom. The design is simple but elegant. It has thick bezels that provide comfort to the eye when you’re viewing things on its display. The screen comes with anti-glare, which gives you a reduced reflection. In short, it will be the best affordable 4k Monitor that you will ever buy.


To sum up, the above-mentioned monitors deliver good performance and are used for many different purposes. While monitors are designed only for gaming purposes, there are others that are designed for giving you better entertainment. Also, some are used just for regular purposes as well. I am hoping that this review covers all the various types of monitors that anyone of you needs to make your selection easier. Here are the top 3 picks from me.

I hope after reading this review, you’re no more frustrated. Also, I have managed to address all your confusion when it comes to buying a new monitor. So now that you have a clearer picture of monitors than why sit and wait to order your monitor today. And stay in touch with our amazing content and make your shopping much easier. Happy Regards!