10 Best Monitors for Xbox One X Gaming (2021) Reviews & Guide

by Amelia Grace | Last Updated: January 1, 2021

Annoyed by the factor that your room doesn’t have enough space to fit the enormous sized-TV well now, you can enjoy playing games on the monitor just as much as you do on TV! Many monitors are perfect for Xbox One X and come in unique designs for giving you the ultimate gaming experience.

They provide not only the best gaming features but also the fast performance with high resolution. Such amazing features and specs will take you to the next-level gaming world. Here are some of the best monitors for Xbox One X.

1. LG 27UK650-W

Best Monitor for Xbox One X

LG 27UK650

Are you tired of mediocre graphics and can’t get the best visuals for the most thrilling experience. Well, then the LG 27UK650-W is here to save your day. The LG monitor can give the best visuals you can ever get from a monitor. With the IPS panel, the vivid colors bring the picture into life and provide high image accuracy. Further, the 4K resolution takes the image quality to a whole new level. So now you’re not missing out on the smallest details.

Now you must be wondering what makes it the best monitor for Xbox One X. It’s because, along with the highest quality picture, it also delivers the best performance making it excellent for gaming. With the lowest lag input of 5ms, you will enjoy an ultra-fast speed of your gameplay. You can also enhance game performance using FreeSync support. Even with a refresh rate of 60Hz, it can still handle some good gaming stuff without ghosting or tearing.

Another important thing that matters when choosing an Xbox One X monitor is its design. It features a large display that doubles the fun when you’re playing video games. Also, it has a sturdy built even though it consists of plastic. In addition to this, it has the thinnest bezels, so now you have maximum screen coverage. Further, you can also adjust the stand by tilting it, pivoting it, but you can’t swivel it.


  • AMD FreeSync Support
  • Low Input Lag
  • Vibrant Colors
  • High Picture Accuracy


  • Low HDR Performance
  • Narrow Color Gamut

In short, it comes with defined and lively colors and has an excellent resolution that shows everything in depth. Also, with an enormous screen, you will ultimately find yourself lost in the game. Further, fast performance gives no ghosting and no tearing. So now, you can play all your Xbox games without tiring yourself out, which makes it the best choice for gaming purposes.

2. LG UltraGear 27GN750-B 27

Best Gaming Monitor for Xbox one x

LG UltraGear

Imagine how nice it would be when you have the most premium graphics but with lightning speed performance. It sounds like every gamer’s dream comes true. The LG UtraGear 27GN750-B 27 is here for turning it into a reality. So now you can enjoy out-class visuals with high performance at the same time. Thus, it is the best monitor for Xbox One X, giving you so much variety in the number of games you can play.

The graphics can change the whole gameplay thats why so many gamers prefer superb visuals. For this, it makes use of the IPS panels. These panels are known for giving you the most lively and vibrant colors. Such a display is amusing towards the eyes. Also, with the full HD, you can view the tiniest details in the picture without too much concentration. The overall resolution is 1440 pixels, which is fair enough as it has wider sRGB

Now taking a look at its performance, it has a refresh rate of 240Hz, so it has much better motion handling capability parallel to a monitor of 144Hz. Also, with the help of Best Triple Monitor Stands you can also convert it to triple monitor. So with a 240Hz, you can get better aim, more kills, and last a lot longer than you usually would in a game. Also, it has a response time of one millisecond. But make sure that your pc can support such a fast refresh rate.


  • Highest Refresh Rate
  • Lowest Input Lag
  • Excellent Motion Handling


  • Poor HDR

In brief, if you’re ready to make a good investment and want the absolute best gaming experience, then the LG UtraGear 27GN750-B 27 is the best you can find in the market with features that deliver you the best quality picture as well as the gameplay. Along with this, it is also a virtual bezel-free monitor with a huge display. So this classic gaming LG monitor is worth your every penny.

3. ASUS VG279Q

Best Monitor for 4k Games Xbox one x

Best Monitor for Xbox One X

Budget is the top priority for many of us out there. In case you’re one of them, then along with an affordable price, you must crave for an excellent gaming experience. Then the ASUS VG279Q might be your best possible solution. It has a 144Hz refresh rate with a response time of 3 milliseconds. For delivering super-fast performance, it uses the exclusive ELMB technology, which gives minimum blur along with a high refresh rate.

Design is equally important when purchasing a gaming monitor for Xbox because excellent ergonomics can bring comfort to the user during gameplay. The monitor has a high-quality built. Unlike the LG UtraGear 27GN750-B 27, you can even swivel it and pivot it in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions. With thin bezels of 10mm, your screen is quite large. In short, it has a black matte body with a premium anti-glare screen for reducing the reflection.

Picture quality can make the display a lot more pleasant for your eyes. So in case you want to have superior quality, then the ASUS VG279Q is offering you that quality. By using the IPS panels, it gives you a display that’s full of bright and lucid colors. Also, it maintains the image quality even if you’re viewing it from different angles. It comes with a broader sRGB range covering almost the entire color pallet.


  • Low Input Response
  • FeeSync AMD Support
  • Good Ergonomics


  • Poor Pixel Density

In brief, the ASUS VG279Q is one of the best monitors for Xbox One X. It has all the amazing specs that a gaming monitor could have. The most prominent aspect of this monitor is ELMB technology, which gives almost zero blurs in motion. Asus is among the most trusted brand in the gaming world, so why hesitate when you’re getting every best game feature in this monitor.

4. BENQ EW3270U

Budget Xbox one x Monitor


While most monitors are gaming or business monitors, the BenQ EW3270U is an entertaining monitor. Just think about it, if you could use a single monitor for all sorts of entertainment purposes. The BENQ EW3270U is solely for all these purposes. So whether it’s watching movies or playing Xbox One X games, the BENQ EW3270U is here to accommodate you all.

It comes with a refreshing rate of 60Hz, which will give you a superior gaming experience. When you first hear 60Hz, you might not consider this monitor, but it will provide an excellent experience with four millisecond lag time. To boost the gaming features of this monitor, it comes with FreeSync support by locking everything else.

You can play games non-stop on it without tearing and ghosting. It has an additional feature, which is essential for your eyes, known as Eye-care technology. It automatically adjusts the brightness according to the intensity of light in your room so you won’t suffer from eye strain.

Another prominent aspect of this monitor is its sRGB coverage. It has 100% saturation of sRGB, unlike any product that’s in this list, Moreover, with 90% of Adobe RGB with a DCI-PC color gamut of 95%. So even though it has a VA panel, it makes it up by giving the best coverage. So now, you can also edit photos and process videos. In short, it has the best picture quality parallel to many other VA panel monitors.


  • Truly HDR
  • High Response
  • Time Auto-Brightness


  • Inferior Ergonomics

The design may not be the most fantastic feature of this monitor due to its limited orientation. However, you can set it against the wall by using a VESA wall mount. It also has relatively wide angles that will work for some gamers but not for others that prefer IPS panels. But it will be the best monitor for Xbox One X you can get.

5. LG 27UD68

Best Monitor for Xbox one x

LG 27UD68

Sometimes the design of a monitor is as much as important as the performance. When one of us is setting up the gaming room, we want to make sure it looks beautiful and fits with Xbox One X. For such lovers, LG has gone the extra mile to give the most elegant model “LG 27UD68” without compromising its performance. And you’re getting all of this in an affordable range.

The LG 27UD68 has the most exclusive design than any other monitor on the list. It is bezel-free, which makes its display look extra large than it already is. Further, a strong and sturdy stand compliments this monitor. It has an exceptionally glossy black touch at the back but has a matte feel at the front display. You can’t tilt or swivel the monitor, but you can mount it onto the wall or the monitor stand.

Moreover, with an elegant design, you will also get premium picture quality. The 4K UHD monitor gives you the best resolution for a screen display. Further, the IPS panel adds extra charm with the most intense colors and wide viewing angles for pictures. The distinguishing feature of this IPS panel is that it has 99% RGB coverage. So now you can do so much more than just play games. The support for AMD FreeSync makes it the best monitor Xbox One X.


  • AMD FreeSync
  • Premium Design
  • High Picture Quality


  • Lacks Adjustable Stand

Further, the most dominant aspect of this monitor is its gaming performance. It has a refresh rate of 60Hz, which delivers you ultra-fast gaming with a response time of five milliseconds. So you will get gameplay that has no perceivable lag with minimal blurring. By taking advantage of FreeSync, you can upgrade the smoothness of your games.

6. Dell S2719DGF

Xbox one x Gaming Monitor

Dell S2719DGF

If you’re a fast pace gamer and want to experience super-fast gaming within your budget, then look no further then the Dell S2719DGF. The model has a refresh rate of 155Hz more than any other monitor with a response time of 1 millisecond. That’s because TN panels can give your extra speedy performance with a little compromise on the picture quality.

Even though it makes use of TN panels, it delivers incredible picture quality similar to that of an IPS panel. In other words, Dell has given a better quality of the image relative to other TN panel monitors. Although it has poor viewing angles and the picture might lose its color accuracy, it provides a peak brightness of 386 cd/m2. So now, even when your room receives extra light, you won’t have trouble with viewing its display. Thus, it’s the best monitor for Xbox One X. This monitor is also listed under Best Monitors under $400.

The Dell S2719DGF features a typical design with a smaller but sturdier stand. Unlike the other monitors, it’s quite stable so it won’t wobble too often. It has a minimal design and isn’t like the flashy LEDs. Instead, it’s more of a professional design that most may like because of its decent look. The stand of this monitor has a wide range of adjustments so you can tilt or swivel side to side and rotate to portrait position. Inshort, it has a high-quality built.


  • High Refresh Rate
  • Excellent Built Quality
  • FreeSync Support


  • Lacks Gamma Adjustment

But it’s not suitable for playing games in a dark room due to its low contrast. However, it has an anti-glare coating on its screen, which reduces the reflection on the display. Furthermore, due to its fast refreshing rate, you will have a smoother game, and you will also be able to experience fast pace gaming. It is due to these specs that it has an Amazon Choice product award.

7. Acer G246HL Abd

Xbox one x 60Hz Gaming Monitor

Acer G246HL

In case you have already spent a lot of money on getting the Xbox One X, and you’re short on the budget or want to buy some cheaper monitor that delivers ultimate performance. Then the Acer G246HL Abd can accommodate you. Instead of using an expensive IPS panel, it uses the TN panels. These panels are known for delivering faster refresh rates but will compromise on the color quality of the picture.

Moreover, it has a refresh rate of 60Hz, which is fantastic for console and casual gaming. The five millisecond response time gives an excellent gameplay experience. In other words, you will encounter minimum ghosting. So you can enjoy the most thrilling games on this monitor. However, you will need to buy an HDMI cable that connects your console with this monitor. Such cables are available in the market at a lower price, so it’s not that big of a problem.

Acer is known for its stable monitors, and you can see that in the Acer G246HL Abd. The stand features an X-shape and gives stronghold to the monitor, so it doesn’t wobble at all even if you end up hitting the table. Also, it comes with high-quality built, so it’s durable with a sleek and elegant body that has thin bezels. It is also an eco-friendly product that doesn’t use too much energy.


  • Easily Affordable
  • High Refresh Rate
  • Good Contrast Ratio


  • Lacks HDMI Ports

Last of all, it has a superb picture quality. Although it’s not equivalent to that IPS panel, it has a high contrast ratio with a resolution of 1920 x 1080. So for it to have a TN panel, the color accuracy is fantastic and much better than the others. That is why it is an Amazon Choice product and the best budget monitor for Xbox One X.

8. Acer KG241Q Pbiip

Xbox one x Freesync Gaming Monitor

Acer KG241Q Pbiip

In case you want a monitor that has a faster refresh rate than the Acer G246HL Abd. The Acer KG241Q Pbiip might be the best available choice, especially when you’re looking in the range of 144Hz refresh rate. And also, it is the most affordable monitor at this refresh rate. The response time of this model is one millisecond, which is comparatively much better than the Acer G246HL Abd.

Although it is a low-cost monitor, its design is very much similar to the Acer Predator monitors. The Acer KG241Q Pbiip has a matte body with thin bezels for giving you the maximum display. In other words, you’re getting an expensive-looking monitor.

Also, it has a black and red V-shaped stand for supporting the monitor. Although it resembles the Predator series, it comes with limited adjustability. However, it does come with a VESA mount for installing it onto the wall.

Moreover, it does come with an HDMI port, which gives it an edge over the Acer G246HL Abd. It has a mediocre picture quality, which is not something to worry about as it expected from the TN panels as these give you faster performance than high-quality pictures.

The monitor features 1080p resolution, which is not that impressive, but it’s workable. Also, it comes with narrow viewing angles as well because the image does lose its accuracy when you’re looking at it from different angles.


  • AMD FreeSync
  • High Refresh Rate
  • Extremely Affordable
  • Fast Response Time


  • Poor Image Quality

The AMD FreeSync support enhances the gaming performance of this monitor. Not only will your game run more smoothly, but also you will experience minimum tearing and ghosting during your gameplay. It is the best budget 144Hz monitor for Xbox One X. Checkout it out; after all, it is also an Amazon Choice item.

9. LG 27GL850-B 27

27 inches Gaming Monitor for Xbox one x

LG 27GL850

Sleek monitors are often preferable over bulk box type monitors. So for such gamers, I have got breaking news for all you. Now with LG, you can get the world first Nano IPS display monitor the LG 27GL850-B 27. The monitor comes with a large screen of 27 inches with extra-thin bezels for giving the maximum screen cover. So you will have all the fun that comes with the large display monitors. We have reviewed the Best 32-inch Monitors if you want a wider view for your gaming.

Besides its amazing thin body, you’re also getting a refresh rate of 144Hz, which gives an ultra-fast performance during your gameplay. The one millisecond response time further adds the extra toppings to provide you with the most entertaining gameplay.

Although it does come with a one-millisecond response rate, you will have better gameplay at three milliseconds. It also has AMD FreeSync compatibility, along with the G-Sync making it the best monitor for Xbox One X. You can use the joystick at the bottom of the monitor for navigating it.

Since it has IPS panels, the display comes with vibrant colors. The addition of nanotechnology allows the particles to absorb light for expanding the RGB coverage. It also has standard compatibility for motion handling to reduce blurriness during your gameplay. Also, with 10-bit color depth, it has a vast color palette containing almost one billion colors. Although it does have a lower contrast ratio, it’s a common problem in all IPS panels.


  • High Refresh Rate
  • Wide Viewing Angles
  • Lowest Input Lag


  • Poor Contrast Ratio

In short, it is superior for hardcore and competitive gaming. Nanotechnology is a newer modern concept that comes with this monitor. With an elegant design and high refresh rate, this monitor is another best gaming monitor that won’t disappoint you when it comes to delivering performance.

10. Acer Nitro XV273

1080p Hdr Monitor for Xbox one x

Acer Nitro XV273

If you’re willing to trade off resolution with a higher refresh rate, then you should pick Acer Nitro XV273 over LG 27GL850-B 27. It delivers the highest refresh rate. It has an IPS panel which can give up to 240Hz refresh rate with a response time of 0.1 milliseconds which is ultra-fast. So it can handle the fast pace gaming as well as the hardcore gaming with ease without compromising on its performance.

In terms of picture quality, the LG 27GL850-B 27 has a better resolution as compared to the Acer Nitro XV273. But still, the Acer Nitro XV273 has a good range of RGB cover and also superb resolution 1920 x 1080p. Also, this model features better HDR support than the LG 27GL850-B 27. With the IPS panel, it gives you a more extensive range of viewing angles and also has reduced reflection on its screen, so it’s better than the TN panels.

The design also shares a lot of similarities with the LG 27GL850-B 27. It also has thin bezels and comes with a large display of 27 inches. Also, it has high built quality with some of the decent gaming graphics printed on its back. The main difference between these two models is the stand. The Acer Nitro XV273 has a large footprint in V shape but is also comparatively thinner.


  • Lowest Input Lag
  • Highest Refresh Rate
  • Excellent Image Quality


  • Narrow RGB Gamut

In short, it has AMD FreeSync support along with the G-Sync, which gives it an ultra-fast gaming performance. Acer is a well-trusted brand and is known for its high performing gaming monitors with a good picture. So it’s worth buying, especially if you’re a hardcore gamer.


To sum up, many gaming pc monitors are also the best for Xbox One X. Before buying the best monitor for Xbox One X, you should be clear about your priorities. Many monitors are best for the budget, while others offer the best resolution. Also, some might compromise on resolution but give you extra fast performance. Here are the top three picks from me.

I am hoping that you have found this review helpful. From this list, you can choose the best monitor for X box One X that meets your requirements. So get your gaming monitor today for playing the most thrilling games with your friends. But don’t forget to visit us as I will post some excellent content just for you. Best of luck to all the gamers and enjoy happy shopping.