10 Best 32-Inch Monitors of 2022 (Ultra-wide & Gaming) – Review

What size should you be choosing? Are you in the confusion of the size you need for your monitor? Then here is the answer. You need a best 32-inch monitor, which provides a suffix display for a great preview.

Either watching a movie or wanting to play games, 32 inches is always the best choice. This screen size offers you a great and ample display, which makes the screen more lively. You will feel more immersed in the game or movie with this size LED monitor in your home. The gaming experience will also be great with the ample view of this size monitor.

The 32 inches monitor is wide enough for you to watch many resources at a time without losing any information. The work can be done faster when doing on such a large screen with multiple screens options. You can have a more stress-free and thrilling experience while playing games on this size monitor.

Besides all the outstanding quality products, you may find yourself stuck at some point in what to buy. There are plenty of 32 inches monitors available in the market with exceeding features. Choosing one can be a tough decision to take. So, to make your choice effortless, we have enlisted the top ten best monitors with 32 inches screen. We have also done some research for you and given the brief detailing as well for you to choose wisely.

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1. Viotek 144Hz GN32LD QHD 32-inch

This Viotek 144Hz GN32LDQHD Monitor is one of the pristine QHD monitors. The monitor comprises some extreme features which make watching movies, playing games, or any other applications far more advanced. The high quality of the display will not let you get tired of watching.

The monitor has some professional gaming specs. These specs make the monitor a perfect choice for you if you are a gamer. The colour-rich display makes the color distribution on the screen more efficient. You won’t find yourself complaining about the enriched scheme of colors on the screen. This feature makes the display more lively.

Furthermore, the Refresh Rate for this monitor is also lightning fast. This speed is almost equal to 144Hz. Provided such an excellent refresh rate, the monitor will not flicker at any point. You will have a smooth running monitor without affecting the quality of the graphics. Also, the cinema-quality VA panel of the monitor makes the view even more majestic.

The monitor is specially designed for gamers to make sure they win every game. This monitor has a unique FPS/RYD optimized display, which makes the graphics more pleasing. The monitor also has the unique GamePlus Crosshairs for more performance.

Even so, you can now connect your monitor to a lot of devices you want to connect. The robust option of a wide variety of connectivity availability makes the monitor even more efficient. It consists of DisplayPort, HDMI, and DVI ports, which enable it to connect to almost all the electrical devices. In addition to this, the monitor also has a 3.5mm audio jack, which makes output audio devices connection easy. Now enjoy the game with excellent quality sound as well.

Likewise, the LED has a fully adjustable design. The stand and the tilting ability of the LED make it very simple to adjust the screen according to your liking. Also, you can mount it to the wall for more safety.


  • Pro Gaming specs
  • FPS/RTS optimized display
  • Variety connectivity
  • Exceptional display


  • Pricey
  • May experience dead/stuck pixels

Exceptional color and picture quality of this LED makes it one of the most popular choices. The 144Hz refresh rate makes it best for gaming. The LED is fully adjustable, making it the best 32-inch monitor.

2. Samsung 32 Inch UHD Sleek Curved Monitor

This monitor is another excellent addition to our list of top ten 32″ monitors. The monitor from the company of Samsung is a pro in providing a high-quality display. Samsung is a well-known brand for providing customers with high-quality products. This monitor is yet another example of their top quality Electronics.

This monitor is another excellent addition to our list of top ten 32″ monitors. The monitor from the company of Samsung is a pro in providing a high-quality display. Samsung is a well-known brand for providing customers with high-quality products. This monitor is yet another example of their top quality Electronics.

Also, if you want to play games on this device, you will feel inside the display with this unique curved shape. This Samsung 1500R screen is efficiently curved, too deeply involved in the action. The experience will be more realistic, like 3D pictures.

Furthermore, the monitor has a 4k UHD resolution along with a complete immersion in precise detail with 1500R. The contrast ratio for this LED is also 2500:1, which offers an enriched color tone with vibrant and darker blacks. This UHD monitor also has a UHD upscaling technology with signal analysis. Also, including the detail enhancement, the monitor is capable of upconverting SD, HD, and FHD files into almost UHD- level quality.

This monitor has a refresh rate of 60 Hz. The response time is also higher, with a total of 4(GTG) ms speed. Another great feature of this monitor is the picture-by-picture ability. This makes the connection between two different devices at a single time possible. Now, you can play two separate inputs from both the connected devices at the same time side-by-side with equal efficiency.


  • Curved UHD display
  • UHD upscaling technology
  • Picture-by-picture system
  • Three sides bezel-less screen


  • Not for 3d modeling

Due to the lack in 3d modeling, you may not be happy by this monitor if you are a professional graphic designer. For this purpose, visit best monitors for graphic design if you are a professional.

The 32 inches curved display makes this LED monitor the best 32-inches monitor. The high-quality features with advanced specs like UHD upscaling and Picture-by-picture display make the monitor worth buying.

3. Samsung SD850 32″ WQHD (2560×1440)

This is Another great addition to our list of best monitors from the company Samsung. As we already know the high-quality products of Samsung, this is another great deal. This monitor is from the series S32D850T. The monitor comes with two color options. One is the Titanium Silver body, and the other is the Matte Black body.

The resolution of this monitor is 4k UHD, with a total of 2160 pixels. This resolution provides the viewers with an excellent quality preview of the screen. The response time of the monitor and the refresh rate also adds up to the performance of the monitor. The response time of this monitor is 5 Milliseconds, whereas the refresh rate is 60Hz. This offers the monitor with high speed and smooth processing. Now, you won’t be lagging because of the slow processors.

This LED has a 2560 x 1440 WQHD resolution. This resolution is even better and provides a clearer picture than an FHD display. The aspect ratio of the product is 16:9 with an actual display size of about 70.85cm x 39.85cm (H x V). Also, the pixel pitch of this monitor is 0.2767mm x 0.27675mm (H x V).

The monitor comes with an adjustable frame for a better view angle. This monitor also has the ability of wall mounting. You can now adjust the stand or just hang it correctly on the wall for greater ease. The Hardware interface for this Monitor is USB, DisplayPort, and HDMI. The monitor has an AC power source. Also, the embedded eco-saving functions make it a preferable choice.


  • 2560×1440 WQHD display
  • Versatile design
  • Eco-saving functions
  • Light sensor


  • Brightness inconsistencies

This monitor has a 2569×1440 WQHD display, with a versatile and sophisticated design. The Eco-saving functionality, along with light sensors, makes it a more efficient and best 32-inch monitor.

4. VIOTEK GN32Q – 32 Inch WQHD 144 Hz

If you want an extra efficient monitor even at the expense of extra money, then this is your choice. The GN32Q series monitor has advanced features for higher quality. The manufacturers of the Monitor are VIOTEK. The company makes good quality electrical devices and is known for its quality deliverance.

This monitor has a QHD 2560×1440 pixel resolution. At this resolution, you can have a cinematographic feel. This HD monitor gives you an unprecedented level of visual quality. This monitor features not only low blue light but also FPS/RTS. So now you can play for as much time as you want. The monitor is specially designed, keeping in mind the gamer’s requirements.

The Dynamic Contrast is yet another great thing about this monitor. This dynamic contrast is 16:9, 20,000,000:1. The monitor has a standard widescreen for a better preview. This dynamic and widescreen display makes the screen more lively to make you believe what you’re watching. The monitor has almost 16.7 million colors. The response time is also 4ms for a faster experience.

For making the gaming experience more deeply felt, the screen is specially designed. The monitor has a curve shape that allows a feel that you are in the scenario. Also, the edges of the monitor are borderless, providing a more immersive experience to the viewers.

This monitor has a variety of connectivity options. You can connect several different electrical devices with the monitor providing the given ports. The monitor has Dual Link DV1, HDMI, DP1 ports. With these ports, you can even attach your Xbox PS4 with the monitor without any difficulty.


  • Clear and sharp display
  • Antiglare screen
  • AMD free sync Technology
  • Variety ports


  • No built-in speaker

The sharp display with a wide curved screen offers you an excellent visual experience. The variety in ports enables attachments of gaming tools with greater ease. The antiglare screen makes the performance even better when playing games or watching videos in the light.

5. LG 32″ 3840×2160 Ultra HD (32UD59-B)

This monitor is the best 32-inch monitor because of the up to date features it offers. The manufacturers of the Monitor are LG. Where LG is a famous brand for the production of monitors, this 32UD59-B series monitor has a black color that gives the monitor an eye-catching overlook.

This monitor has a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels. The Ultra HD 4k LED monitor provides an excellent display to your eye. This quality resolution ensures the delivery of accurate colors that are even better than a Full HD quality. The monitor has a color gamut of 95 percent as well with a DCI-P3.

Another fantastic feature of this monitor is the HDCP 2.2 compatibility. So now, this monitor can display video from 4k streaming services, as well as game consoles. The monitor can also view the content from Ultra HD Blu-ray disc players.

Now you can enjoy the optimized and fast-pace gaming on this monitor. The Dynamic Action Sync makes sure that you don’t face any input lag. The hardware interface for this monitor is of two types. One is HDMI, and the other is DisplayPort. The weight of this monitor is also very less compared to the size of the monitor. The pressure is almost equal to 5300 Grams only.

The Response time of the monitor is 4 Milliseconds. Where the Refresh rate of this monitor is 60 Hz, this Refresh rate and response time make the working of the monitor smooth and refined. The image brightness for this monitor is almost equal to 300 cd/m2. Furthermore, the adaptive Synchronization of this Monitor is the FreeSync type for a developed Synchronization.


  • Extreme lightweight
  • The matte coating on the screen
  • Best for games
  • Silent operating
  • Power saver


  • Not suitable with SD

The progressive and innovative features with extreme lightweight make it one of the best. The monitor has an efficiency of power-saving with the silent operation for reduced noise. It is an excellent choice if you want a gaming pro monitor that can play both old and new games. But if you are a PS4 user then you should visit best 4k monitors for PS4 Pro for your gaming..

6. Philips Computer Monitors 322E1C 32

This monitor is a great choice if you want a supreme visual quality right in your tv launch. The manufacturer of this Monitor is Philips. There is no questioning in the extreme quality products from Philips. This LED Monitor is a competent device for your home. The colors available for this monitor are silver and black. You can choose one that best suits your decor.

The size of the display for this monitor is 32 inches that are just perfect to deliver the right proportion of detailings. This LED has a Full High Definition view with a total of 1920×1080 pixels. The curved screen makes the look more immersed with your real world. Also, the VA panel for wide-viewing angles makes the exhibition ampler.

The monitor has another excellent feature for color accuracy insurance. The monitor reproduces accurate colors, which are 102 percent sRGB. Now, feel the colors on the screen via a complete warm look.

The response time for this monitor is 4ms, faster than some standard monitors. In addition to this, the refresh rate is also quite good, which is almost 75Hz. Another adaptive feature that makes it perfect for gaming is Adaptive-Sync technology, which provides the monitor with smooth and fluid processing without hanging.

Furthermore, the monitor can be connected to a variety of output devices. The number of different ports makes the attachment quick and straightforward. This monitor has HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA, and audio out connectivity.

Afterward, the monitor comes with the hook to enable wall mounting. You can easily adjust the frame, but if you want to hang it on the wall, then no problem. The monitor has no borders on the three sides, which makes it more full of life. The monitor also secures the safety of your eyes a priority. The LoeBlue mode reduces the effects of harmful rays on your eyes. Also, flicker-free technology won’t let you get annoyed.


  • FreeSync
  • Proprietor eye care technology
  • BenQ HDRi technology
  • Bezel Less design


  • No picture-by-picture feature

This 32 inches LED monitor with a bezel-less design and eye care technology makes it the best device for watching. The high-speed processing also makes it a good monitor for gaming or attaching to the computer.

7. HP – Pavilion 32″ LED QHD Monitor

This monitor is another competent device to be added to the list of top quality products. The brand of this Monitor is HP. The brand ensures the delivery of quality to the customers. This monitor has two color options where you can choose the one you like more. Both black and silver make the appearance of the monitor quite sophisticated.

Furthermore, the monitor has a resolution of the monitor is 2560 x 1440 with a total aspect ratio of 16:9. This monitor possesses a QHD full 1440 pixel extreme quality resolution. This quality makes the experience of watching the screen more entertaining. Now, enjoy such a luxurious display at your home.

The processing speed of this monitor is also of exceptional merit. The response rate provided by the monitor is equal to 7ms. Whereas, the response rate is 60 Hz, which makes the monitor function fast.

The hardware interfaces of this monitor consist of DisplayPort and HDMI. These two ports enable the attachment of a lot of output devices for more convenience. Also, the 178 degrees horizontal and vertical viewing angles make the viewing angle more adequate.

The 32 inches wide screen of the monitor is also antiglare. This antiglare feature makes the view more clearer even in the illuminated conditions. The screen has a brightness of 300 cd/m2, which gives a bright appearance to the graphics.

You can now easily hang the monitor to the wall by simply detaching it from the stand. The monitor does not allow ghosting, streaking, or blurring while watching high graphic content. Also, the design is unique for keeping the environment safe as well, where its manufacturing is according to the standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency.


  • Accurate color reproduction
  • 300 cd/m2
  • 16:9 aspect ratio of the display
  • Wall-mounting


  • No integrated speakers

This device is the best 32-inch monitor for your home. The monitor is specifically designed to use less energy. This monitor provides a wide range of shades between black and white to make the display more lively.

8. Acer 32″ IPS FHD Widescreen Monitor

This Monitor from Acer is one of the most phenomenal devices you can have in your home or workplace. With a stunning display of images on the screen, the Acer monitor gives you a fantastic experience of viewing colors adding a zing to the already impressive features of the monitor.

This smart-looking monitor has sleek dimensions of 31 x 21 x 6 inches. So it would be easy to fit it in compact areas. It features a single HDMI port and VGA port so you can connect the analog and digital devices with it.

Talking about the display, it is a full HD 1080 pixel resolution that brings out magnificent images on the screen with perfection. This monitor has a refresh rate of 60Hz, which means that the frame refreshes itself 60 times in a second so it can smoothly run the graphics on the screen. Thus it can be listed as one of the efficient devices for playing games always watching Netflix whenever you want.

It has an incredible contrast ratio, so it is focused on displaying a bright, sharp, and crisp, detailed blacks, and white highlights. Good LCD monitors show less response rate, which is shifting from black to white and then black. Lower the response rate better the performance of the monitor. This particular laptop works with a response rate of 4millisecond, so it’s kind of a smooth motion of images on the screen.


  • FHD 1080p resolution
  • Visioncare technology
  • Quick processing
  • Blacks and bright highlights


  • Stand not sturdy

This monitor has an FHD high resolution with exceptional features to make it best for gaming. The widescreen makes the view quite presentable. The analog and digital devices can be easily connected effortlessly. Overall, this monitor is one of the best in this category. But due to un-sturdy stand, you may like to visit best triple monitor stands if you like this monitor.

9. BenQ EW3280U 32 inch 4K Monitor

Experience a whole new level of watching videos and playing games with the BenQ 32 inch 4K monitor. This monitor makes the entertainment more fun and cherishing with its advanced features. Better sound quality with improvised speakers and audio options reveals the greatness of this laptop.

This monitor offers more convenience with its accessibility options, including remote control, a volume wheel, and a 5-way navigator. These options improve more comfort and control over the device. The monitor includes many ports such as display port, an HDMI port, and USB-C port, thus letting you connect with other devices.

An excellent feature is the 4K UHD 3840 x 2160 resolution that is expected to bring in the details of the graphics on the screen. It has a refresh rate of 60Hz; therefore, a smooth transition takes place on screen without any glitch or interruption. The Proprietary HDRi enhances HDR content improves image quality as they are more apparent, sharp, and crisp.

The monitor is equipped with 5W subwoofer speakers, so you don’t face issues regarding poor audio, instead of jump up as the boosted audio results in goosebumps with thundering sounds.


  • Five-way navigator
  • Volume wheel
  • Remote control
  • DCI-P3 wide color Gamut


  • No Picture-by-picture function

The variety of connectivity options with more convenient options makes it the best choice. This monitor has a remote control system, which makes the commanding easier without the effort of going close to the monitor. You can just handle the actions sitting on your sofa.

10. Philips Computer Monitors 322E1C 32″

With this developed monitor, get ready to experience the top quality visuals of your favorite movie or game: a well-known brand, namely Philips, manufacture the monitor. The quality can be judged depending upon the top-rated brand.

The screen size of this monitor is 32 inches, where the E-Line monitor from Philips makes the presentation vast. The quality of the pixels is also another worthy feature. This monitor has a Full High Definition 1920×1080 pixels resolution.

The panel of the monitor is also a little curved at the corners to make you feel into the view. The accurate color reproduction ability of this monitor makes the graphics more lively.

The response rate for this monitor is 4ms, and the refresh rate is 75Hz. Both response time and refresh rate make the working of the monitor fast and affluent.

The monitor comes with the availability of connectivity with more than one type of device. The different types of ports besides the monitor make the connection effortless. You can easily connect the method of your liking provided HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA, and audio out connecting port.

However, the LowBlue mode ensures the protection of your eyes from the harmful radiations. Flicker-free Technology makes the fluid running off the screen without causing fatigue to your eyes.

The three sides of the monitor are borderless. This does not allow any distractions while watching videos or playing games. You can enjoy a full view without any black borders. It also enables the optimal multi-monitor setup possible. The stand of the monitor has a unique design. This design is to manage the cables and ensures the concealment of the monitor and wires possible.


  • Specially designed stand
  • No frames at three sides
  • ultra-thin borders
  • Four-year advanced replacement


  • It cannot be a computer monitor.

This product has a specially designed stand for sturdy support. The screen has no frames on three sides for a more immersive display. Whereas, the four years of advanced replacement for this monitor makes it the best 32-inch monitor to buy.


All the monitors mentioned above are the top ten because of the incredibly unique and innovative features they offer. The adequate specs make them a must-buy product. Every monitor has its specialty and a lag. You need to choose wisely knowing and understanding the benefits of different aspects and cons of missing some specs. Now that you know what features you must require, you can easily choose the one from the products mentioned above.

Although all the products are of top quality our top three picks among them are the following;

  1. Viotek 144Hz GN32LD QHD 32-inch Curved Gaming Monitor
  2. Samsung 32 Inch UHD Sleek Curved Monitor
  3. Samsung SD850 32″ WQHD (2560×1440)

These are the top three, but this does not mean the other seven are not as competent. As told earlier, all of the ten choices are worth every penny if you understand what you need and choose accordingly. You can get a perfect fit for your requirements. Above all, you won’t be disappointed at your choice if you buy any of the above ten top listed products.

Take a look at these products from the same price range, that are available right now on Amazon:

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ASUS TUF Gaming 32" 1440P HDR Curved Monitor (VG32VQ1B) - QHD (2560 x 1440), 165Hz (Supports 144Hz),...
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Acer ED323QUR Abidpx 31.5 Inches WQHD (2560 x 1440) Curved 1800R VA Gaming Monitor with AMD Radeon...
31.5 inches WQHD (2560 x 1440) 1800R curved Widescreen VA monitor; AMD Radeon free Sync technology
HP FHD IPS Monitor with Tilt Adjustment and Anti-Glare Panel- 32-Inch, Black/Silver
HP FHD IPS Monitor with Tilt Adjustment and Anti-Glare Panel- 32-Inch, Black/Silver
Ports: VGA, and HDMI, and HDCP support help you stay connected.; Display tilt & swivel range: -5 to +13°

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